Lacy Pink

‘Sexy’ is a state of mind, and it can come in all shapes and sizes. It is different for every person.
~ Ashley Graham

An image of my bottom covered in pink lace.
I might not be the same size I was years ago, but when I see images like these of myself, I feel so damn sexy… no, I know I am sexy!

© Rebel’s Notes

Sinful Sunday

20 thoughts on “Lacy Pink

  1. This is so sexy! I love the hint of the red gusset (I zoomed in!), that’s my favourite, and the intricate texture of the lace against your soft skin, beautiful crop shot, really stunning! xx

  2. I normally go through the Sinful Sunday images in order, but I only have a few minutes right now, so decided to click on a few that attracted my eye. This was the first one I had to click on, so yep, I’d definitely say you’re winning at sexy. Fab image Marie 🙂

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