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Those who have been following my blog for some time will know that our sex life is not as active, interesting and exciting as it used to be. This has everything to do with the current circumstances and not because we have decided to go celibate. Currently I seem to be the only one with a sex drive. But, I know that’s not true. Master T is definitely still interested in sex, but when we get to bed at might his energy is drained fighting the pain all day. Then sex is definitely not something he thinks about, and because of this it’s a subject I rarely talk about. To Master T that is. I don’t want to ‘burden’ him, but he knows I miss our sex life. He surprised me one day by saying that out of the blue, that he knows I miss things, and miss out on things.

I say I rarely talk to Master T about missing sex, and this is not only rooted in the fact that I don’t want to burden him. It’s also because I have never had the ability to just talk about my needs, especially not the sexual ones. Back when I wanted to cut back from working five days, I thought about it for months before I eventually sent Master T a long email explaining why I need to cut back. I have recently done the same regarding more intimate stuff (more to follow on that). It’s just easier for me to write it down than to just say it.

The subject of this week’s Food for Thought Friday is all about getting things going for sex…

When you are in the mood, do you initiate sex, or do you wait for your partner to do so?

I wait for Master T to initiate. Now more than before. In the past, before his health problems started, I would sometimes have hinted at the fact that I was in the mood, and then he would be the one getting things going, but nowadays I don’t even hint anymore. I just ‘take care’ of things before he comes to bed.

What are your preferred means of letting your partner know that you are in the mood?

Ha! Like I said, I ‘hint’ at it. While we are still downstairs, I might be overly affectionate and constantly give him kisses, and on occasions I might even flash my tits at him. I have done so a couple of times since I had my nipples pierced again, but it lead to nothing. Back when all was still well, my hinting would mostly have been me asking him, “please be kind to me.”

He then would tease me, gently touching my cheek, and then I would say: “More kind.”

Next he would touch my cheek again, gently running his finger along my jawline.

“Extra kind,” I would say next and only then he would roll over, and either kiss me, which would be the start of something much sexier, or his hand would harshly push my legs apart and his fingers buried inside me in the blink of an eye.

What methods of foreplay do you most enjoy?

The teasing from his side; the keeping me guessing whether it’s really going to happen… because sometimes he left me hanging. Sometimes I thought this is it and then he told me to go to sleep.

What methods of foreplay would you like more of or more often?

At this moment, any kind of foreplay really! But when things are ‘normal’ (and I do believe we will find a normal again), I absolutely love when he has that look in his eyes draws me closer and starts kissing me like only he can do. It’s tender and slow, yet urgent and intense. I want much more of that as it melts my insides and electrifies my cunt every time!

What was the most daring/risky quickie that you have ever had, and how did it come about?

I first thought of the one I had with my first husband when he was still my boyfriend and he fucked me under a blanket in the lounge while my mom was in the room. But I think the most daring was either the one time when I literally jumped Master T in the car and guided his cock into me. We were parked just off the main road in the middle of the day, and could have been discovered at any time, but I was just do horny and wanted to feel him inside me. That was the first time he entered me… and I caught him by surprise. I guess my horniness totally took over, as that time the fucking was my initiative…

I believe we will find a new normal again. What that ‘normal’ will look like is still to be decided. I have opened up the conversation and am waiting for Master T to tell me what he feels comfortable with… how we can continue.

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5 thoughts on “Initiating Sex

  1. I enjoy a tease.

    It’s good that you have found an equilibrium that “works” given the situation you both find yourself in. I hope your “new” normal will be a positive one when you find it.

  2. My sex drive as I’ve gotten older has increased, and my partner’s has decreased, similar to what you describe. It doesn’t seem fair, does it? (This is Kiki E, I’m back, I hope you remember me.)

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