A Look of Disapproval

A post written in January 2019 and which has been in my drafts folder for too long. Even though I don’t feel the anger anymore (even though something similar happened just a couple of weeks ago) I did back then, I still want to share this.

This is a bit of a rant…

Today I was looked at with open disapproval.

I first caught the eye of an older man, looking me in the eyes with something that conveyed a kind of lust. Our eyes locked for a moment and then his eyes flashed down to my legs. I just noticed him looking back at my face when I was already turning my head away. Yes, I was wearing net tights and I guess in this religious little town of ours, that’s still an eye catcher. I caught up with Master T inside the supermarket (I normally drop him at the door and then go search for a parking spot), and we went about our business of grocery shopping.

It was while I waited for Master T to pay that I saw an older woman look at my legs, then my face, and when she saw me looking at her, she turned her head away. Her expression was blank. Inwardly, I smiled. This happened a second time and I almost – almost – smiled at her.

We started walking to the exit and that was when it happened. Another older woman – although younger than the other two – approached from the door. I wouldn’t have noticed her was it not that we had to stop and let someone pass. I saw her looking at my legs, then at my face with pure disgust written all over hers. She almost snarled at me before she looked me up and down again.

Suddenly my blood cooked.

“Yes, lady, I am wearing net tights and no, that doesn’t make me a slut at all.”

I didn’t say that to her, but mumbled it under my breath just loud enough for Master T to hear.

I started wearing net tights with my ‘day clothes’ in the winter of 2017. Before that, those tights were only worn to sexy dates, or for sexy photos. However, I feel there us nothing wrong with wearing nets, especially not when I combine it with my ‘normal’ clothes. People who know me and have seen me in real life know I am always dressed ‘properly’. A dress – sometimes short but never too – pumps in summer, boots and tights in winter. When I wear net tights, I always wear sheer tights underneath.

net tights
A photo I tweeted while at the bar…

Wearing net tights doesn’t make me a slut by definition. It’s 2019 for god’s sake! And even if it did make me a slut, it’s still 2019 for god’s sake! Don’t judge me on the way I dress. My clothes doesn’t say shit about the person I am.

No, that’s not entirely true.

My clothes IS who I am. But, don’t only look at one element of what I am wearing. I will never go out, wearing something that will shock others. Sometimes I think about it, but I never do it because it will just make me feel uncomfortable, which means it will make others feel uncomfortable too.

When I dress, I dress with care.

When I wear net tights with my day clothes, I have thought about it carefully and I know I am well-dressed. I feel it. So there is no reason at all to give me that look of disapproval. Even though you are from a generation before me… please just lighten up and go with the times!

It’s 2019, for god’s sake!

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8 thoughts on “A Look of Disapproval

  1. People are weird. I’ve gotten similar looks, without anything particularly sexy on. Sometimes just for wearing color.
    I figure they just really need a good fuck. They are too up tight.

  2. They have small minds, small lives and are jealous – People dislike things that are different to what they normally see. You should take it as a compliment, it is certainly their problem not yours xx

  3. Quite unjustified disapproval Marie. My mum would have been 90 this year and although she had her generation’s connotation that street walkers wore fishnets, she wouldn’t have disapproved of younger people wearing them. She was very keen on people expressing themselves and wearing what they liked.
    Your legs are stunning and why not give a hint of your own individuality with fishnets? That woman needs to mind her own business.

  4. People have entirely too much time on their hands if they have time to judge for such trivial things. They need to fuck off and find a hobby.

  5. Yikes! … it must be very suffocating at times to live in a place with that much judgement, Marie … I can’t imagine anyone getting up in arms over something as simple as how you dress. We also live in a small town … a few eyebrows might raise over shorts so short, full bum cheeks are hanging out but for sure no one would blink an eye over hosiery choice or nail colour. Good on you for ignoring it all and just getting out there as you wish … nj … xx

  6. Good for you – I know I’m an old petvert but
    close if fishnets has always cheered me up seat any time of day. One the joys of London is folk pretty much dressing how they like although I confess to the occasional judgemental “Must live somewhere without mirrors” usually when I see someone dressed like a Kardashian but with the figure of rugby forward. The line should be does it cause offence? The young man wearing the “Jesus was a Cunt’ tee certainly did and deserved the frowns but your legs don’t – why not wear net stockings next time and give them a real treat? Mike

  7. Having been dressed as conventionally male when going out for most of my life, this would be a mystery to me.

    That is until melody needed to be acknowledged and observed. I was really taken aback, and yes, angry the first time I got that look of disgust. In this case a mature lady at a service station checkout completely changed as soon as she saw my red nail polish.

    When melody is more public I get those looks, the turning of the head and I can hear the whispers – though I may imagine some of those. It’s their problem, not mine. Though I’m not sure how I’d handle outright hostility.

    With you all the way here, Marie.

    melody xx

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