Demanding Anal

Robin continued to book sessions with Dom after her paddling, but she never was the sub others was. She didn’t want to submit to Dom, but she wanted to experience… sexy times. To explore her own sexuality. To have fun times, whether it meant she was spanked or fucked. Sometimes a session ran a total different course from what they had discussed beforehand. Robin always kept all options open, and that’s what she always told Dom at the end of negotiating a session, with a wink: “You never know what else might happen.”

At first Dom was uncomfortable with this, but the better he got to know Robin, the more he went with ‘the flow’.

Today was such a session.

Robin had just been through a harsh spanking and was still accepting the last of the agreed number of strokes, but she didn’t offer her behind to Dom anymore. Dom delivered the last stroke and Robin’s long stretched moan and the way she turned her bottom away from him told him she had enough. She released herself from the ceiling straps and lay down on bed. Her posture told Dom that her bottom burned like hell.

“Do my ass,” she said, and spread her legs.
Her cunt was dripping wet.
Dom didn’t question her. This was not negotiated, but he had grown to appreciate Robin’s impulsive nature and to follow her suggestions. They were more equals than dominant and sub anyway.

He easily entered her ass with four fingers.
“I want you to fist me,” Robin said.
“Are you sure?”

Robin didn’t answer, but hooked her feet in the restraints above her. Her legs were now spread wide; her cunt and ass exposed.
“Is that how you want to lie? With Sheila you’re always on your knees, are you not?”
Sheila was Robin’s long-term girlfriend.
“I know, but this way I can have more,” Robin explained.

Slowly but surely Dom worked his hand into Robin’s ass. Robin concentrated on relaxing while her fingers rubbed her wet cunt and clit. Dom’s knuckled were about to enter Robin’s body. She tightened her muscles and the grimace on her face betrayed the pain she felt.
“Easy,” she warned.
Dom made smaller movements, in anticipation of her ass allowing his hand in. Robin was in pain, but she didn’t want him to stop. Every time he tried to push in, her body protested. However, Robin spurred him on, despite the pain. She violently rubbed her clitoris, working towards a climax. Dom still kept his movement small and slow, waiting for a good moment to fully enter her.

Moments later he noticed how an orgasm seized her body. This was it; the moment he had been waiting for. While Robin was in the throes of her orgasm, he pushed his entire hand into her body, still causing her to cry out, whether in pain or because of the orgasm. Robin panted and then grabbed his wrist, apparently to confirm that his hand really had entered her entirely.

“See! I can take all of t!”
She laughed and panted, but pride shone through in her voice.
Dom slowly pulled his hand back, which immediately made Robin wince with pain.
“Oh fuck!”
“I has to come out,” Dom teased her, “and there’s no room to spank your bottom. Of course I can slap your tits!”
“Not a chance!” Robin laughed.

Once again she started caressing herself. Dom kept a close eye on her until he thought the moment was there to pull his hand back.
“Oh no, please don’t,” Robin cried out.
Dom slowly pulled his hand back, despite her protests, and Robin cried out in pain, only to continue rubbing herself to another orgasm the moment his hand had left her body.

© Rebel’s Notes

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  1. This is a very horny piece which is giving me ideas I probably should keep to myself!

  2. I am always fascinated by anal fisting. I know that people do it but it seems impossible to me so this was interesting to read ?

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