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Eroticon is a place where I always feel happy. The moment we land in London – maybe even the moment we leave home to go to the airport – I am content. I am happy. All stress fall away. Not once do I worry how I look, whether I should put on a different dress, whether my hair is in place, whether I should’ve put on some make-up, whether I should’ve tried to lose weight before going to London… the moment I am in ‘Eroticon-mode’, I am who I am, and I know I am accepted for it. Once I start mingling with MY people, all stress falls away, all self-doubt disappears.

At Eroticon, I am!

One of the things I love about Eroticon, is then enthusiasm to ‘work together’, whether it’s helping someone on preparing for a talk or supporting ideas someone else comes up with. When Hy mentioned a group-Boobday shot, we immediately started spreading the word. We had done this once before, in 2016, but this year the interest was overwhelming! Almost 30 people followed Hyacinth when she announced that the group shot would happen just before everyone left the premises after the last ‘Eroticon words’ had been spoken. Without one bit of shame tops and bras came off, and there we all were, standing close together, chatting and laughing and following directions of both Molly and Missy.

The images… well, those are just so darn special! Yay to ALL body positivity and the acceptance of ALL of us JUST THE WAY WE ARE!!!

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    1. It’s only when I looked at the picture that I realized who were there. It was an incredible experience!

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