A Tame First

Something in him had stirred that night.

No, not his cock, but it didn’t take long before that came back to life too!

A memory that he had tucked far away, had drifted to the surface. Sitting there, sipping his whiskey, details of his dream with Mattie came back. He soon found himself writing a list and drawing plans of what he wanted. Once he had started, he couldn’t stop anymore.

Now, several years later he knew that Mattie would have approved; that this was the kind of place she wanted for them, and for their friends. There was only one thing he had not done for years, even though he knew Mattie would have wanted that too.

Ever since Dom’s Place started, subs had been asking him for a session, but he always declined. It was only a couple of months ago that Dom finally felt the urge again to dominate someone. He followed the same rules he had set for his customers. Before he engaged in any kind of session, the first date with a sub was always to talk, to manage expectations, to learn about limits and agree on safewords. If after the first date it didn’t feel good to engage in play, he did all he could to match the submissive with someone else. If it felt good, he always engaged in a second ‘talk date’ before finally setting a date for a session.

Some other dominants had started following his example, which is one of the reasons why Dom’s Place was seen as a prestigious club. Safety and consent were two things Dom demanded from everyone, amongst other things.

Dom’s first session in his own club turned out to be very tame, but who was he to deny a girl some fun?

Robin wanted to see the after-effects of a caning from up close. Dom had found one of the girls who had been caned by another dominant willing to join in with the session. As he and Robin sat sipping their wine, the bell rang. This room was decorated as a living room with a front door. Robin jumped up to open the door for Celine.

“Good day, Sir. Good day, Ma’am,” Celine said.
Robin smiled. It touched her to be addressed like that.
“Robin wants to see your bottom after last week’s caning.”
“Yes, Sir.”
“Show her!”
Celine started undressing herself. Robin looked on, enjoying Celine’s absolute submissive nature.

“Sir,” Celine said when she was fully naked, standing with her hands behind her back, her legs spread.
“Go to the table.”
Celine walked to the dining room table and bent forward. She supported herself on her hands and spread her legs as far as she could. Her obedience made it clear that she didn’t want to be punished on top of the marks she already had.

“She’s all yours, Robin.”
Robin stood up and inspected Celine’s bottom, which was a myriad of colors, from purple to almost black to blue and yellow and green. Robin softly ran her hand over Celine’s bottom and bent over to see everything from close by. From where Dom sat it was clear that Robin had a huge interest for Celine’s cunt too.

“So?” Dom asked.
“Yes, that’s quite something!” Robin said, while she touched one of Celine’s free-hanging breasts. She squeezed it before sitting down again and picking up her wine glass.
“Yes, definitely. Oh my,” she said as she sipped her wine.
“You can go, Celine.”
“Thank you, Sir.”

“Would you like to be with her?” Dom teasingly asked Robin.
“Oh no,” Robin laughed, “I have my sex beast at home.”
Robin was in a relationship with another woman; a woman known for her insatiable sex drive. Dom poured both of them some more wine.
“Is it still so intense at home?”
“Once a day I join in,” Robin said with a slight smile, “and the other umpteenth times she masturbates or allows a man to fuck her.”

Changing the subject, Dom asked: “Did Celine make you wet?
“I was already wet this morning, knowing I would see her today.”
“Do you want to torture her one day?”
“Oh no, that’s not for me, but I would love to watch you in a session with her.”

© Rebel’s Notes

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3 thoughts on “A Tame First

  1. I enjoyed her interest in those bruises. I think I wouldn’t mind having my own bruises “inspected” with such interest. 😉

  2. Caning is one that scares me to be honest. I like pain but I have my limits many due to fibro and car wreck damage. Curious, yes, I am curious as well. I think there are many things the visuals of the act arouse me, the curiosity of how it went down. So many things I have pushed to the back of my brain in my absence are finding their way back to the forefront. I should have known coming back here would leave me a damp mess and no way to appease it…

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