Still Alive

With all that is going on in our lives – stuff I have blogged about here over and over again – I have been thinking about our D/s relationship a lot. Except for my night collar and the occasional correction from Master T when I cross my legs, there is little to our D/s relationship at this moment. Or is there more than meets the eye? That is something I am still thinking deep and hard about, and which I will be blogging about more in the weeks and months to come…

While thinking of this, mulling the thoughts over in my mind, one thing suddenly occurred to me: my tattoo… the tattoo we had done the moment we made our D/s commitment. What if our D/s stops? Will I hate this tattoo? Will I regret the day I had it done? Will I hate Master T for claiming me in such a special way, and then letting our D/s dwindle away?

Thinking about this for only a couple of days brought me my answers. Our D/s will never stop. No, I will not regret it. No, I will not hate him. You see, even if our D/s is at an all time low, and might never get back to what it was before, the tattoo wasn’t only done because we entered a D/s relationship. It wasn’t only to show my submission to Master T. No, the tattoo showed my Love, Submission & Commitment to my husband. Even if he can’t dominate me any other way than putting my night collar on me, and forcing me to ask for permission to orgasm in the rare moments we have sex, I will always be his submissive. I will always love him for the man he is, for how he has allowed me, and still does, to be ME. I will always be committed to our relationship, because he is the love of my life.

My love, submission and commitment is as alive today as it was back in 2011 when the tattoo was done on my right thigh.

tattoo on my leg - the bdsm symbol
Shining a light on my tattoo, as all it meant years ago is still very much alive today, despite everything…

I know I will have my moments when I doubt this, when I fear my tattoo is meaningless, but all I have to do then is to go back to the meaning we attached to it when it was done, and I know my faith will return. Faith in us. Faith in our strength. Faith in life.

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15 thoughts on “Still Alive

  1. This is a gorgeous image and I love what you have written to go with it. I know how far submission becomes who you are and it is something that is in your heart. I understand you having these doubts but am glad that you have found the strength to chase them away and remain who you really are. I look forward to reading more about your submission. ❤️

  2. Such a beautiful and meaningful image with equally touching and reflective words to match. I can see the intention and meaning is still there, and always will be. I look forward to reading more from you about this, as always xx

  3. I know this particular topic is one you think and write on a lot. I’m glad to read that your thoughts about the significance of the tattoo hasn’t changed even if things have quieted down a bit. It makes me think of how relationships do change and how to deal with that.

  4. That’s beautiful Marie. And I look forward to your future writing on the subject. I’ll be doing more on the topic, as well in April, as D/s will be my focal topic.

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