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oystersThe moment I saw the subject for Food for Thought for this week I knew I wanted to write something for it, even though that would mean two posts on one day on my blog, something that seems to be happening more lately. I guess I just have a lot to say…

Back to the subject…

It seems there are quite a number of foods that has been scientifically proven to be an aphrodisiac, such as maca, tribulus, ginkgo biloba, red ginseng, fenugreek, pistachio nuts and saffron. Except for the last two, I have no idea what the others are. I have eaten pistachio nuts on occasion in the past, but can’t remember whether that has made me more horny or not.

On further research I found that foods to boost your sex life are oysters, meat, salmon, nuts and seeds, apples, garlic and red wine. Now I can tell you, you will never find me eating oysters or drinking red wine (I used to but don’t like it anymore), so can’t say whether those might boost my sex life. I frequently eat meat, salmon, nuts and sometimes eat apples and garlic, but seriously, they definitely don’t make me more horny or make sex better.

Three things that are not backed by scientific evidence, but is believe to enhance your sex life are chocolate, avocado and alcohol. I have a thing for dark chocolate, but also sometimes eat milk or white chocolate and I also eat avocados on a regular basis. However, as with the other things mentioned, those two things definitely don’t do anything to increase my libido.

Alcohol is a different story. I love my chardonnay! It’s a careful balance, as sometimes after only one glass I can feel incredibly horny, and glass two will only leave me tired and not in the mood for sex anymore. Other times it might take three glasses to reach the same level of horniness I sometimes have after one. Maybe this has something to do with what I have eaten before, and that it’s the combination of that with the alcohol which determines after how many glasses my interest for sex might increase. But, it has to do with my mind and mood too. If I am tired or had a difficult day, no amount of wine will spark the flame inside. Then I just enjoy my glass of wine (I don’t drink every day, just in case you wondered), and relax.

Therefore, if ever you give me a glass of wine with the intent to peak my sexual interest, be careful as this might just backfire.

Something else I thought of when I saw the prompt is something that has been a thing in my teenage years (back in the late 70’s, early 80’s): Spanish Fly. It was something that was talked about a lot and teenage boys thought it would be a great thing to slip Spanish Fly into a girl’s drink to make her extra horny. Sometimes I wished someone would do it to me, but of course I never came in contact with said ‘love potion’ and I don’t for one moment believe that any of those boys did. I remember that back then a story went around that some boy has slipped Spanish Fly into some girl’s drink and she got so horny that she fucked the gear leaver because she couldn’t get enough. Back then I was highly impressed (and maybe a bit jealous) of that story, but of course now I know that it was just one of those ‘strong stories’ the boys fabricated.

Thinking about aphrodisiacs and all those foods and potions that are supposed to have this ‘igniting-desire-effect’ on people, I think that they can indeed do that, but then the mood should be right, and your mind has to be in the right place. And even if that’s the case, who’s to say that it’s the food or alcohol that caused the horniness? Maybe you might just have been horny already…

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3 thoughts on “Spanish Fly

  1. With you on the oysters, but I do like my red wine. I think the main take-away from the answers this week is that an “aphrodisiac” is whatever works for you and enhances your mood.

  2. I am with Al above. I cannot think of one thing that made me more aroused food wise.. unless it was being used during the act like feeding me strawberries or teasing me with ice. I can’t do wine, cannot stand beer, I am a hard liquor girl.. HA in more ways than one..

  3. I think certain supplements like Genseng, Maca Root, and Ginko Biloba will enhance performance I don’t think it makes you horny. If you desire a person, getting signals, playful banter are the key. I’m in my 50’s and its not wham bam thank you ma’am anymore. There is a certain level of conversation and foreplay that has to happen to get the motor running.

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