Fears and Erotica #SoSS #68

I look at my chosen title and actually for a moment thought that it might be a nice title for a book. How to some people fear can be a kink, but to others fear really is just that: a fear of doing something, even if it’s sexy. We are not all the same, right? Over here we have a saying, which directly translated is something like this: man suffers the most from the suffering he fears. Or, the English translation I found: Our worst fears lie in anticipation. Isn’t it so that sometimes we fear new things, only to discover that they are actually nice to do or see or experience? I know this has happened to me. Sometimes I was (and I still have my moments) so afraid of doing something that I chose not to do it, only to regret it later, but then the moment was gone. And sometimes I forced myself to do thing and then I was so glad I did. Fear is a funny thing, isn’t it… and use it in erotica and it can bring you some damn strong stories!

On to my picks for this week.

Sexy writing

Two pieces that were shared for Wicked Wednesday this week and which seem similar but are so very different, are I can’t be his by Cara Thereon ad The Fear Factor by May More. Both these stories sent chills down my spine and had me in awe of the writing talent of both these lovely ladies!

I found myself holding my breath as I read Kayla Lords hot piece of writing called Trying to Make It Last. Sometimes it should be slow, and sometimes it shouldn’t.

This post made me cry, tears of happiness for Kisungura and tears of sadness for suddenly missing my mom so much. This post, Baby steps & giant leaps is not sexy at all, but it’s as much part of life as sex is and I love that this community allows us to share less-than-sexy things too.

Hot images

These are my favorites from the last couple of days of February Photofest:

Thank you to the wonderful Molly Moore for hosting this photography meme. It does make us look differently at our photos!

From Sinful Sunday:


Prompts are a great way to inspire you to write a new post, and you can also combine two prompts (or three) if you want.

These are the ones currently running:

Meme Prompt Date(s) to link
Masturbation Monday Week 235 (Marie Rebelle) 1 to 5 March 2019
Wicked Wednesday Prompt #353: Parallel 2 to 7 March 2019
Food for Thought Friday #88: In Your Dreams 1 to 7 March 2019
Friday Flash No. 43: Love Meter 27 February to 6 March 2019
#FantasySmutFriday Week 17: Waking up to the feeling of you 1 to 8 March 2019
Sinful Sunday Double Exposure 3 March 2019
Kink of the week Figging 1 to 16 March 2019
Tell Me About… #3: Orgasms 3 to 16 March 2019
Erotic Journal Challenge Prompt #9: Films/TV/Porn 2 to 10 March 2019
Sex Blogger for Mental Health Week 7: #NEDAwareness 24 February to 3 March 2019
Elust #116 Elust submissions September 1 to 8 March 2019

Prompt 352 for Wicked Wednesday was ‘Fears’ for which 33 posts were linked. The top 3 was done by Bibulous One and he chose:

More memes — also those without prompts — can be found here. And, did you know that it’s perfectly okay to combine memes? Just make sure you have the buttons of those you link to in your post!


It’s time for a writing competition, a totally different one than the Smut Marathon. This time is all about BAD erotica, and you really should challenge yourself to write that and join in with The Other Livvy’s EuphOff 2019: The Love Sausage Edition. You have to write and post your story before 31 March, and other there are also some other rules which you can see if you follow the link.

Talking about competitions, I am in the process of preparing the second voting round of the Smut Marathon 2019 and as of tomorrow, you can vote again. Watch this space!

Tips & tricks

It’s time for another tip from the queen of Smutlancing, Kayla Lords. This time shares this: What are Backlinks and Should You Care About Them?

Last but not least

Are you also going to Eroticon in two weeks? I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to that weekend and catching up with special friends again. Before we board the plane I want to read all the Meet & Greet posts and of course, I still have to do ours. Have you done yours yet?

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One thought on “Fears and Erotica #SoSS #68

  1. Thank you for the mention (especially for that positive photo in particular)! As usual I enjoyed the way this soss reminded me of some things I’ve seen and liked, and suggested a few others I had missed until now. Your writing about fears also made me think of scary movies – the way being afraid can be fun entertainment and escape for some people. Fear is a complex feeling with many angles!

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