Public Punishment

Ever since Robin had mentioned she would love to watch a punishment, Dom had been thinking about it. He decided to approached Celine’s dominant. After a lengthy conversation between the men, it was agreed that Dom would be in charge of a punishment session for Celine. Apparently Celine had once said that she would love to be in a session with Dom.

Before Dom booked a room for the session, he also had a talk with Celine. She agreed that Robin could be there to watch, and requested permission for a friend of hers to be there too. Dom agreed.

Today was the day.

The day of the punishment.

Joan, Celine’s friend, and Robin stood against the wall, where they had the best view on the tackle to which Dom attached Celine’s wrists. The cuffs on her feet were attached to hooks in the floor, leaving her little room to move. Celine was naked, but the shivers running through her body was not because of cold. It was fear, fear she might have asked more than she could handle. She had asked for Dom to have no mercy at all. She wanted pain. Pain without any pleasure. Her request was for forty cane strokes, no mercy shown, except of course if she used her safeword, or Dom his.

Dom pulled the tackle up, stretching Celine’s body. Fear was written on her face, and Dom even thought he saw tears forming in his eyes. He smiled at her, but she didn’t see it.
“Ready?” he asked as he picked up the cane.
Celine didn’t answer; only nodded her head.

The cane swept through the air with its typical sound and landed hard on Celine’s bottom. She screamed. Dom stepped sideways so he could see her face. She looked at him with panic in her eyes, knowing that there were thirty-nine strikes to go. She nodded slightly.

Joan covered her mouth with her hand, looking shocked and Robin’s eyes were open wide, as if she wanted to say: “Wow!”

With the same force, in quick succession, the cane struck Celine’s bottom again. She roared with pain, called out and cursed. Dom waited for a moment and then struck her again, keeping her from recovering from the pain. Then he paused, allowing the pain to fully penetrate her being.

In a quicker tempo the next five strikes landed right after each other. Celine kept on screaming and tugging at the ties, for as much as it was possible. Dom checked in with her again, and again she nodded, despite the tears and panic in her eyes.

The next set of five was slower. Dom waited until the pain started to subside before he swung the cane again. Celine’s body shivered and she was totally covered in sweat. With the next series of five, Dom tried to land the cane as far away as possible from any of the red lines on Celine’s bottom. The rhythm is stable, but not fast or slow.

Half of the agreed number of strokes had been given. Dom allowed Celine to moan and scream. Her body twisted and turned and she had trouble breathing, with snot running from her nose. Her eyes were swollen and red; filled with tears. Dom checked her bottom. Some of the strikes had almost broken the skin. When the pain was bearable, Celine turned her head to Dom.

“Sir, I can’t anymore. I will do everything.”
“You don’t even do what I ask, or what your Master asks of you!”
“I can’t handle the pain anymore, please?”
“Are you asking for mercy?”
Celine didn’t answer. She only looked at the floor. She knew what she had to do; knew how she could stop the punishment.

“If you are asking for mercy, you know the word. Say it, and I will untie you, but then you will never know.”
His words reminded her that this was her request; that she wanted to see whether she could handle this harsh punishment.

Celine pulled on her restraints, but remained quiet.

Dom took a step back, and gave Celine a couple of seconds more to use her safeword.

She didn’t.

He started a new series of five strikes and the restrained woman started howling again. He waited, giving Celine a moment to process the renewed pain, and then he continued. The next ten strokes were pure execution. They were given because they had to be given. Dom wanted the punishment to be over, as much as he thought Celine would want it. For a moment he considered stopping, using his safeword, but when Celine nodded again, he resumed his place.

Only five more to go.

Celine had no control over her body anymore. She shocked and shivered and was hoarse of screaming and crying. She didn’t know whether she should hang in her restraints or tense her muscles to brace herself for the next strike. Dom looked at her bottom, trying to determine where the thirty-sixth strike should land. When it struck, he allowed Celine the time to curse and rage and scream no a thousand times over. No safeword.

“Do you want to give up?”
“It hurts so much.”

Her safeword remained unsaid.

Number thirty-seven was given at an angel to avoid striking the same place all over again and causing permanent damage on Celine’s bottom. Number thirty-eight landed under her bottom cheeks. The next two strikes were hard too. Dom allowed Celine some rest before the last strike, which she knew as well as he did would be the hardest of this last series. Celine realized that her punishment was almost done. That she made it through. That she had won at her own challenge.

Even though she still felt the pain, she didn’t feel it. Number forty landed in the middle of her bottom, harder than any other she had.

Celine jumped and cursed and screamed in rage and relief. Dom softly touched her back; checked her face. She was crying an fighting to breathe, but a small smile played around her mouth.
“Thank you,” Dom said and turned around to put the cane away. The punishment had lasted barely ten minutes for him; an eternity for Celine. He walked back and lowered the tackle until Celine was on the floor.

“Untie her and take care of her,” Dom instructed Joan, Celine’s friend.
He left the room and went to the bar to get a drink. Robin followed him.
“The pain must have been unbearable,” she said. “What if she had used her safeword?”
“Then we would have stopped and she would never have known whether she could handle a harsh punishment like this. This was her request.”
“That’s why she kept going. Impressive!”

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