Paddling Robin

After watching the harsh punishment Dom had given Celine, Robin seemed curious about being spanked by Dom. It took a while before she asked Dom if he would spank her, and he did. She had become one of his regulars, frequently booking a spanking session. That was all it was: spanking sessions. No master-slave or dom-sub session but ‘simple spanking’. That was how Robin had explained it to Dom when she had asked for the first session, and this was how they continued.

It was on this lazy late Saturday afternoon that Robin had booked a session again. The moment Dom opened the door for her, she pushed passed him, saying: “I’ll be upstairs.”

Dom had changed the tackle a bit, tying two piece of rope in loops to it so Robin could hold onto them, or release herself if she wanted to. She was as much in charge of their sessions as he was.

The paddle was already on the table when Dom entered the room. Lately, Robin was the one choosing the implement she wanted to be spanked with, and nine out of ten times it was her favorite paddle.

Robin entered the room after she had freshened up some. Dom ran his eyes over her beautiful body while she pushed her hands through the loops and tightened the loops some.

“Ready,” Dom asked.
Robin nodded, and at the same time she spread her legs a bit more.
“You can warm up a bit if you want to.”
Dom started with gentle strikes to her body and increased the power of his swings a bit on each strike. Robin moaned softly and every now and then she screamed in pain as her body tensed and she pulled hard on the rope loops.

Dom was not holding back anymore. His strikes landed in full force on Robin’s bottom. Dom had come to know Robin well enough to understand when she was wet enough to masturbate herself to an orgasm, the way these spanking sessions always end. Although, in some of the last sessions Robin had started allowing Dom to touch her, and bring her to an orgasm.

“Stop!” Robin suddenly said, “stop! Fuck! I need to wee!”
“Just stay were you are and let it go,” Dom suggested.
“What? Here? Serious?”
While talking, Robin glanced down at the smooth floor under her. Her body relaxed and both she and Dom enjoyed the sight in the mirror in front of Robin. Dom would’ve liked if Robin had pushed the urine from her body with force, but she just let it run.

“Okay, you can continue,” she told Dom.

Dom landed the paddle on her round bottom once again. Her body tensed.
Dom hits her again, as hard as he did just before she peed, and that was quite intense.
“Harder! More!”
He didn’t hold back anymore. Pulling his arm back as far as he could and moving it towards her waiting body with full force, Dom struck Robin. He knew she wouldn’t be able to handle this much force for too long. Another strike, and yet another. All with as much power as he could muster. It didn’t take long for Robin to start jumping around and one curse after the other escaped her lips.

“Okay, okay, okay…” she panted.
Dom put the paddle away and walked back to Robin. She held her hands in the loops and spread her legs a bit wider. Dom knew that this was an invitation for him to finger her. His right hand slipped between her lips, while his left hand searched for her ass. Fingers entered both her holes. Robin rode his fingers, not knowing in which opening she liked it more. Her swollen clitoris showed how horny she was, as did her hard nipples.

It took quite a while before finally Robin’s body exploded in a much wanted orgasm.

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