Oops, I Did It Again…

I don’t think that – for frequent readers of my scribblings – it would come as a surprise that I love piercings. I have written about it quite a number of times and I will not promise to never write about them again. Or post pictures.

The above is a quote from one of my own posts from November 2014, Piercings & Being Pierced and here I am, ready to talk about piercings again. On 4 September 2011 my Sinful Sunday post was titled: To pierce or not to pierce?. That was a post in which I considered piercing my nipples for the third time, but then I decided against it, because the first two times my nipples didn’t heal.

I blame Missy of Focused and Filthy with her images of jewelry changes for making me think of having my nipples pierced again. And rejecting it time and time again. Almost a month ago I wrote the post, If You Were Mine… which I ended with the words “I think 2019 is the year in which I might just adorn my nipples once again.”

There was still doubt in my words, but I can tell you, the urge to have my nipples pierced again was huge. After thinking about it for months, I was rather convinced I wanted the piercings again, but I knew I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t have Master T’s approval. The first time I talked about it, he reminded me of the two times I had the nipple piercings and why I took them out, and told me it was not a good idea. I pouted: “but I really want it.”

The next time I talked about it, he said that if I wanted to do it, I should just go ahead. No, that wasn’t what I wanted to hear either, because I knew that if I go ahead and he hates it, I would hate it too. Stupid me for thinking like this, because I knew he loved piercings. Especially nipple and genital piercings. The third time we talked about it, I said I don’t want rings, but a straight barbell, as I think this will benefit the healing. That’s when he said to do it in a totally different way, and it sounded like permission to me — exactly what I wanted.

I decided to have it done on the Sunday before Eroticon, but our youngest daughter — who has nipple piercings too — said I should just have it done a week earlier, as it might otherwise hurt too much in London. I agreed and off we went.

Oh god oh god oh god it hurt so much when she did it and I was so glad that I was in the room alone with her, as our daughter was not allowed inside the small room. When the piercer — a lovely woman — put the dots on my nipples where she would pierce me, she said it looked like there was a little ball showing her where to pierce. Hah! I told her about the previous times. Once was on the bed and just before she put on the clamp, she said that if I enjoyed pain, I would like this part. I just said: “I’m not admitting to anything!” The moment she put the clamp on and tightened it, I said: “Goddammit I should be used to this by now. Yes, we practice BDSM.” I haven’t realized that she had already recognized the tattoo on my leg and the BDSM pendant around my neck.

The piercing of my nipples hurt like hell, and her putting in the jewelry hurt as if she was piercing me all over again. She said my flesh was ‘tough’ and I guess this was because she had to go through scar tissue. She did confirm that straight barbells are a lot better for the healing than rings, as rings have that little curve inside which moves around and actually keep on ‘damaging’ the tissue inside.

Driving home, my nipples hurt like hell and I already started worrying that it was the wrong thing to do and it was going to be a horrific couple of months again. I needn’t have worried. Not once did my nipples bled, not once have I seen any ‘fluids’ coming from the ‘wounds’. On Monday morning and during the day they still hurt, but only when I accidentally bumped against my boob/nipple. On Tuesday? No pain at all. On Sunday night and Monday morning I could barely move the jewelry from side to side to clean it. On Monday night and onwards the piercings moved like they had been in my nipples for years.

Now, a week after my nipples have been pierced for the third time, I have no discomfort at all and my nipples are super-sensitive in the most delightful way. I believe it’s not going to take 9-12 months before they are healed, but that in about 3 months I can replace this standard jewelry I have with something different.

They say three times is a charm, and damn, I believe it is!

nipple piercings
I just LOVE my new piercings!

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22 thoughts on “Oops, I Did It Again…

  1. You my dear are a braver woman than I am. I have thought about it several times along with tattoos, but my needle phobia puts a quick stop to that thinking. I do believe I prefer barbells as opposed to rings though.

  2. I know how much you’ve agonised about this, from posts you’ve written and your feedback to me when I was writing my article on nipplegasms. I’m pleased for you that it’s gone so well and I hope the good healing continues and there is pleasure to come.

  3. I only did one of my nipples in case I had scar tissue issues (keloids). I really loved having it done though it took a while to heal and it still on occasion acts wonky (it’s 6 years old now). I love it and hope to have it for a long time. I’d considered getting the other done recently, but like the one.

    Way to be brave! You look lovely with them in.

  4. I love the photo with this post – so soft and beautiful.

    Interesting read, too. Sometimes I want to pierce a nipple, but I don’t always want to so I never have! Still I’m curious and it was interesting to read this.

  5. They look beautiful! I’m impressed you pushed through your doubts, especially after having such a sore time before. Sounds like you chose a really good piercer x

  6. They look bloody awesome Marie! They really do suit you. I think you made the right call going earlier and I wish you well with your nipple healing x

  7. Oh! I love them! I have often thought of doing this, but as my nipples are already especially sensitive, I was afraid it might even make them more so. They look wonderful!

  8. How exciting! I shall keep my fingers crossed that it’ll be all fine. I’ve read more about piercing recently and also agree that bars are better initially for healing. I can’t wait to see what other items you go for in the future. So giddy for you x x

  9. I dont have any body piercings. The bars are pretty. I was considering labia piercing a very long time ago but I changed my mind.
    I hope they heal quickly for you
    Swirly ?

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