Naughty Dreams

naughty dreamsIn the last — let’s say about — six weeks, I frequently had dreams I could remember. Normally I don’t remember my dreams at all, but now it seemed that night after night I had a dream, and the next morning I could remember everything about it. I actually downloaded an app to start keeping track of all those dreams, but never used it.

What surprised me the most was that quite a number of those dreams were sexual. Maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised. Sex is totally low key in our life at this moment, and my dreams might have been a way for my mind to remind me that my body needed something.

When I saw the newest prompt for Food for Thought Friday, I knew this was something I wanted to talk about…

How regularly, if at all, does sex occur in your dreams?

Like I said in the introduction, it doesn’t happen much. It might happen more than I know, but those dreams were not memorable enough. Lately it has seemed to happen more, which might mean that I have started dreaming about sex more, but might also mean that I am just remembering more dreams and dreaming about sex as much as I did before. Who will know?

Is there a recurring partner in these dreams?

Absolutely not! That’s the strangest thing. It’s always someone else, and always someone I know but have never been intimate with, or might never want to be intimate with.

Sometimes I wish that people I know and want to have sex with would be in my dreams, like Master T or Mister Silent or Sophia. But those people are only in my ‘falling-asleep-routine-dreams’. I have this thing where when I turn over to go to sleep, I always have some sexy scenario in mind, such as thinking of Mister Silent spanking me, or Sophia and I licking and fingering each other. Somehow those kind of ‘dreams’ seem to soothe me into a quiet sleep.

Who is the most inappropriate person to have featured in a sex dream?

Two comes to mind: my boss and the husband of a colleague. Both are men I don’t like, but have to put up with whenever I see them.

The dream about my boss happened quite some years ago. I saw myself standing on a stage in some kind of auction hall, with only men in the public. The faces weren’t visible but I knew that I was being watched; assessed. It was exciting, and scary. I had no idea who would choose me (buy me?) and what would happen to me, and the fear of the unknown made me horny. Then, my dream abruptly ended when I saw the face of the man who wanted to take me with him: my boss.

The other dream, about the husband of a colleague happened some weeks ago. I somehow ended up lying in bed next to him. No sex, but I was lying in his arms. He was warm and cuddly and he said that we should keep this between us, that his wife was not into any poly relationships, but that he wished she was. When I woke up and remembered this dream my only reaction was: what the fuck?

Why in god’s name do we dream about people we don’t like?

If you have had a sex dream about a friend, did you tell them? How did they react?

I wish I could have a dream about a friend, as said above. Of course, friends occur in my ‘falling-asleep-dreams’ and also in my daydreams. I have once told my best friend that I had a daydream about her, but both of us have agreed that we would never start anything sexual with each other as we don’t want to put our friendship on the line.

I don’t have to tell Sophia that I daydream about her. She knows it. But I do wish she would appear in my ‘sleep dreams’ as I would love to unlock whatever is deep down in my subconscious, to see what she and I do when we are together.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to steer your dreams

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  1. James Hillman and others say that our dream life and dream world are places of soulmaking. The inhabitants, settings, time, season come from within us. A number of my mentors suggested that one might think of a dream in a solipsistic way—every part of it is a part of us. So seeing one’s boss becomes “I have the boss in me want to take the judged person in me with this boss in me.” What are the personal, descriptive characteristics of your boss? How are those present in you; how do you show them?

  2. Once i did have a “fuck buddy” dream person – it was very strange. when I needed a sexual outlet I would dream about him and me having sex! x

  3. I’m one of those people that almost never remembers dreams, so this is quite an interesting topic for me to read what others have to say.

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