Little Jhonny

This is my entry for The Other Livvy’s annual EuphOff competition, where, as she says it in her own words: “Time for the erotic writing competition that celebrates purple prose, coy euphemism and plain terrible imagery…”
I hope you don’t cringe too much reading this, as I know I have when writing it. But it was fun doing it too!

The huzz-buzz of voices around him faded the moment he lay eyes on her. Actually, they stopped at her rack. Big, round, firm melons, almost spilling from her low-cut dress. Her impressive cleavage awakened Little Jhonny downstairs. His rocket almost spontaneously launched when her orbs locked with his. Her slight smile latched onto his desire.

Like a slow motion scene from a sugar-sweet movie their feet carried them towards each other. He grabbed her paw and pulled her with him towards a room down the hallway. In the half-dark they smooched; tongues knotting and darting, spit pooling in their upper cavities. Sloppy sounds betrayed their unstoppable lust for each other. Their hands fluttered about. Hers running from his hair to his neck down his chest and towards his waiting fun stick. His failing to cup her round bahama mammas, giving up and pulling her closer, burying his face in her neck.

His digits walked the walk down her back, reaching her roundness and clutching her plumpkins. She meowed, threw her head back, rolled her eyes, and pressed her foof against his hard tool. Her passionate reaction moved him to drop to his knees. He fumbled with her dress and then scratched her twice as he tried to pull her knickers sideways. When he finally succeeded, he revealed her dewy petals below. He sniffed and inhaled deeply, savouring the intoxicating aroma of her lady garden. He run his tongue through her slit before reaching that lovebud. He slowly circled it, and her the peeping sounds she made told him he was knocking at heaven’s door. She squirmed and squeaked; he adjusted his piston, desperate to feel her love cave swallowing it.

Shivering, she pulled away, and dropped to her knees to repay him the favor. He pushed her onto her back on the soft, plush carpet, and then, changing his mind, flipped her over like a pancake.

“Oooooh,” she crooned, “you want me to be your doggy?”
His fuck stick hardened even more at the sound of those words. He yanked her knickers down to expose her love holes. At the same time he finally freed his throbbing rod from its prison. She watched as his flesh bobbed up and down, excited to be taken out to play.

Wiggling her ass and licking her lips she said: “Oh yes, dip your love sausage in my gravy.”

He needed no more encouragement. In one porn-movie-smooth motion Little Jhonny pushed inside, stirring in her hot pot until their mutual heat made their love soup spill over.

© Rebel’s Notes

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  1. Ha! Very funny, I love the ending … “until their mutual heat made their love soup spill over.”

  2. This is so funny when I think that it is you writing as it is so unlike your usual style. Perfectly done.

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