Cold Water

dreamsI had this bizarre dream…

If there is one thing I hate, it’s cold water. Yes, when I go to the loo, I wash my hand… with cold water. That’s okay. When I drink water, I prefer it to be cold That’s okay. My shower water is always very hot, and sometimes, the last second or two of my shower the water will be lukewarm. Never cold. I will never take a cold shower, never go in a cold swimming pool and when we are at the spa, I will never walk in the ‘mist garden’ because the water is cold.

Now recently I had problems with my hair, where the day after I have washed it, it seemed greasy. In the past I used to wash my hair every day but in the last year I managed to get that down to twice a week. However, something seemed to have changed and I am sort of back to washing my hair every day. Of course I searched for solutions for this, and reasons why my hair could have changed. One of the things I found was to rinse your hair with cold water after you have washed it, as it seals the hair cuticles and pores in the scalp.

Nope, never going to happen. No cold water on my head.

Obviously all of this was in my subconscious mind when I had the dream.

* * * * *

I threw my head back under the hot shower to rinse my hair. My eyes were closed as I enjoyed the warm water running down my body. Thats when I remembered. I was supposed to rinse my hair with cold water, as that will help with the stupid greasiness I had noticed lately. But.. cold water? Brrrr… just the thought of it. Come on, my mind told me, you can do it. Just arch your back.

I thought about this for a moment and decided to try it. I turned off the hot water and turned the cold water down to only a trickle.

(This was where things changed. Now I wasn’t standing in the shower anymore. I was standing in a bath. Also, there was no shower head above me, but a tap with only one trickle of cold water running from it.)

I arched my back, held my head back as far as I could and slowly moved towards the cold water. I managed to get my head so far under it, that the water ran from the hairline on my forehead, down the length of my hair without touching any other part of my body. At first I shivered with cold, but gradually I ‘warmed’ to the cold water.

That’s when it hit me.

I was horny. So much so that I just had to touch myself. I had to rub my clitoris.

(I have no idea where the mirror came from. It just ‘appeared’ in my dream. Something else I can’t clarify, is the position I managed to hold… my head back while at the same time watching myself in the mirror.)

While moving my head from left to right and right to left, and feeling the cold water running through my hair, my warm fingers touched my sex. I spread my labia with the fingers on one hand, and felt a rush of excitement through my body when I saw how big and swollen my clitoris was. Begging to be touched. Oh and that’s exactly what I did. I touched that begging button. Rubbed it. Circled it. Frigged it. I arched my back even more, pushing my crotch towards the mirror, all the while also concentrating for the water not to touch my body. My eyes never left the mirror.

Over and over I saw the reflection of my clitoris, of my fingers pleasuring myself. I became aware of the urge to climax. There was a longing in my body for release, but id didn’t happen. I shifted my position again, and once again I became aware of the cold water. Horniness rushed through my body and with renewed vigor I rubbed my clitoris, wanting to bring myself to orgasm, but I kept on dangling on the edge.

* * * * *

I woke up with mixed feelings. Part of it was ‘what the fuck’ and part of it was frustration. Frustration that I didn’t climax in my dream, but the ‘what the fuck’ feeling was bigger. Cold water? Come on… there is no way I would have done that. Just. No. Way.

Dreams can sometimes be so bizarre…

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  1. I am so bad about cold water in a shower too – not going to happen. I travel around alot and what I find is in some places my dreams are far more vivid than in others – no idea why but interesting 😉 xx

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