How do you know if casual dating is your cup of tea

If we look at the evolution of romantic relationships, the transparency of its development becomes clear. From courtship to casual relationships, the boundaries of personal priorities and fancies have only expanded with time. NSA dating are the ones in which the two people involved are not looking for anything serious and long-term commitments, rather their needs are mainly concerned about spending quality time together and satiating each other’s physical needs with no strings attached. As 21st century millennials, who want everything in life at the pace of instant coffee, relationships too, for them is characterized by short-life.

Now, we cannot state that everyone in this generation wants the same kind of romantic relationship. Therefore the best way to find out if you are meant for this kind of tie-in or not, would be to consider the following factors:

1) Emotional stability.

The first thing that you should find out about yourself is whether you are an overtly emotional person or modestly emotional. If you are of the jealous or possessive kind, then a causal relationship will might end up breaking your heart; it is so because, here there is no commitment involved- your partner has full freedom to go out with other people from the opposite gender or not answer your calls on time or not invest enough time in you. It is so because they are not bound to any clause of fidelity.

2) Some degree of emotional control over your partner.

If you are someone who thinks that over time you should be able to change your partner’s mind with your charm and he/she will fall in love, then stop for a second and rethink your decision of getting into a relationship like this. You might never know what is going on in your partner’s head. They may or may not be as transparent as you wish them to be. Nobody knows what the future holds. He/she might eventually fall in love but to hold on to your peace of mind, it is the best not to expect any serious future from it.

3) Clarity about your choices.

You should always know what you want. If a lower degree of romance and physical intimacy is all you need, then a casual relationship would be a perfect choice; if this is not the case, then instantly plunging into one might seriously affect your emotional stability. You should know about your goals in life and the amount of time you would want to invest in a relationship and respect your partner’s choices. If there is a slightest chance of you falling in love with your partner after involving with him/her physically, it would be the best to not be a part of this propinquity.

4) Know your boundaries.

Make your intentions about the relationship clear from the very beginning and understand that this relationship would only work when the intentions are equal for both the parties. No ethical or moral obligations should creep in a relationship where no emotional strings are attached. This makes it easy for both the people and even if you have to part ways after a certain period of time it doesn’t get burdensome.

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