#Storyin12 (January 2019)

In January I found it difficult to keep up with #Storyin12. For some or other reason I was incredibly busy and had the feeling that I’m not getting to everything I wanted to do. Frequently I just forgot about this challenge, and then I tweeted a couple of days worth of 12-word stories. I hope to be able to keep up better in February.

I do have a different idea for February though…

The stories

1. New
It might be a new year; for some people it’s same ol’.

I really believe this. Just the fact that we start a new year, doesn’t mean we can leave troubles and pains of the previous year behind. This reminds me of a colleague, who, on 1 January 2018 said ‘new year, new chances’, and when I reacted unenthusiastic (I was still in the midst of my depression after mom died in July 2017), she said: “O come on, it’s a new year so all that is over now.”
Yes, a new year feels like a fresh start, and we start on a positive note for as far as possible, but essentially 1 January is just the day after the day before.

2. Forty
Turning forty was one of the most exhilarating feelings I ever experienced.

I am really serious about this. I loved it when I turned forty. That, and my fiftieth birthday were the best ever, even though the fortieth was barely celebrated. After I turned forty, I actually started forgetting how old I was. Up to then, when you asked me my age I could tell you immediately, but from the age of 40, my age didn’t interest me anymore.

3. Fire
The summer fire; their naked bodies; a perfect night on the beach.

Sex on the beach, next to a campfire and with the waves crashing on the shore? Have you ever done it? I haven’t either, but damn, just the idea of it s so inviting!

4. Talking
Talking isn’t her strong point; showing him what she wants comes naturally.

This is not entirely me. Talking and asking for what I want is definitely not a strong point of mine, but showing him is a bit easier. Sometimes through hints, but I am better at it than to ask.

5. Moon
Under the full moon their naked bodies glistened with their spent lust.

This, just like sex on the beach next to a fire, I have never done, but the idea to have sex somewhere outside, with the full moon watching… so sexy!

6. Afternoon
Afternoon Delight… I once fantasized to be fucked while this song played.

I seriously have, and I have written (https://rebelsnotes.com/2013/01/afternoon-delight/) about it.

7. Black
A little black dress and black stiletto heels. That’s it. Nothing else.

Just take a moment to picture that. And yes, nothing else. Just the dress and the heels!

8. Snake
A snake in paradise, that was his hideous role in their relationship.

The moment I have written that, my mind wandered to my first marriage. I guess like every other young woman who marries for the first time, I believed it would be forever, only to find he was a lying bastard, and he cheated on me (and of course lied about that too). I wanted it to be my paradise, but he was the snake who turned it into something dark.

9. Vicious
She asked for vicious spanking; it grounded her the way she wanted.

I can do with a vicious spanking to bring me back to myself, to make me feel my behind, and make me feel alive. I know it will happen again, but there are some days I really crave it so much!

10. Chocolate
Darker is so much better and tastier. That’s chocolate I’m talking about!

I absolutely love dark chocolate. I always said: the darker the better. Until one day I bought 99% dark chocolate. I have now decided that dark chocolate should be max 85%.

11. Distant
Distant sounds disturbed their lovemaking; they re-joined the other hikers, seemingly innocent.

I have done this before, way back in South Africa when I did hiking trips in nature. My boyfriend of back then fucked me just off the walking trial, and then we heard our hiking partners in the distant. We quickly finished and returned to the group.

12. Neck
The kiss traveled from between her breasts, her neck, to her mouth.

13. Entertainment
Standing in the corner, naked and bound, she was his evening entertainment.

Mmm to be someone’s entertainment like this, for one evening! Or more… and preferably of course I would want to be Master T’s entertainment. Maybe when the kids have left the house…

14. Crash
Because of my crush on James Spader, I watched (and enjoyed) Crash.

Back when I watched Secretary several times (and every time I did I got wet), someone tipped me about Crash, another movie of James Spader. It’s a bit of a weird movie, since it deals with a ‘not so common’ fetish, but the erotic undertone of the movie is totally unmistakable.

15. Curve
The curve of my body is no longer a cause of shame.

Those who follow my blog will have seen that this has been a theme for some of the images I have posted lately. I am feeling a lot more comfortable in my own skin lately, and have accepted that I am as curvy as I am.

16. Forgettable
An forgettable experience; their last drink together as friends. Now they’re lovers.

17. Graceful
Graceful and strong; her demeanour forced him on his knees, not words.

18. War
War ended their time together; their eternal love stayed with them forever.

War is such a terrible thing and here I thought about men who go off to war and never come back; women who can’t get over their grief for the loss of their loves.

19. Hotel
Tied to the four-poster hotel bed, she’s the happiest woman alive.

This still is one of my fantasies, to be tied to a bed somewhere in a hotel, and to be used by more than just my husband.

20. Icy
Her icy expression stalled all blood in the veins of all men.

21. Jelly
Jelly knees, pounding heart, butterfly stomach. This happens every time he appears.

22. Moment
The moment he entered, things started happening in her body. Uncontrollable things.

This last two actually fit together, both being about the same situation.

23. Chinese
Around the corner from the Chinese, he devoured her. Every bit his.

I pictured them having dinner together and not being able to wait until home, they stood somewhere in a dark corner, making out… and more.

24. Kitchen
Barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen wasn’t what she wanted from life.

This was a phrase that I heard a lot in my teenage years, that this was what women should be: barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen, as if that was all they were good for, to give a man babies and prepare his meals. This, to me, spoke of the wrong kind of submission, which is the reality of so many women out there.

25. Lonely
Talking to people living in her screen kept her from feeling lonely.

Sometimes I wonder how it would be for me, had I been all alone. I think my blog and my connection with the sex blogging community and talking to people on Twitter will keep me from being lonely, but of course it’s easy for me to talk, since I am not in such a position…

26. Tongue
His tongue forcefully parted her puffed labia and found the sweetness between.

27. Mother
Mother taught me to love, to life, and how to be me.

She did.

28. Hands
Big hands cover her eyes; he can’t surprise her. His scent’s everywhere.

29. Nobody
Nobody touched her as he did; she never belonged to anyone else.

Here I thought about the ways Master T has changed me, the things we have explored, and which we will hopefully continue to explore in the future. I never belonged to anyone the way I do to him.

30. Stage
On stage she changed; her broken heart was hidden behind cheerful smiles.

31. Once
Once more she glances at him… no, books are her ultimate romance.

And then…

February Photofest

For my February Photofest 2019 I am taking a trip down memory lane…

I think I have mentioned this blue suite a couple of days ago. Sadly, I don’t think it fits me anymore, but I really love this suite and I love how vibrant the colors are. And, I really love how my bottom looks here! So many times this blue suit was part of our photo sessions, simply because it looks so damn good in images. This image has been taken back in July 2013, when the suit stil fitted me. Frankly, I wonder if it might still fit me and if it’s not only in my mind that it doesn’t fit… I will have to try it on.

blue suit
So blue… there might even be a story here…

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