Socks Galore

For my February Photofest 2019 I am taking a trip down memory lane…

… and since it’s Thursday, I am looking at an image I posted before.

Throwback Thursday it is!

But not only that… this is also a tribute to Molly, because she runs this brilliant meme every year and since I have enjoyed Molly’s Saturday sock posts. It made me look at the times I have worn socks in pictures on my blog, which wasn’t much.

The first time was in November 2012 , when Master T took a photo of me on our couch, while I masturbated to his orders: 7 in 15 minutes. This post shows a pair of socks I don’t own anymore, as I have thrown out all my knee-high socks, except for one or two pairs I just cannot bring myself to part from.

The other three posts show one of those pairs of socks, and definitely my favorite: rainbow socks! I have worn them when I had one of my self photography photo shoots and posted Double Dip and Chasing Rainbows after that.

I wore the same socks some years ago when Master T was the one holding the camera, and that is the image I want to share again today, be it in a slightly different edit.

rainbow socks
I just adore my rainbow socks!

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