Socializing in Red

For my February Photofest 2019 I am taking a trip down memory lane… but this is not only about February Photofest, but also about social media.

Or rather, the years before the existence of Facebook and Twitter, and later Instagram and Snapchat and god only knows what other social media platforms there are, as I have stopped with the once mentioned. Although I have to admit I only know about Snapchat because our youngest sometimes mentions it, and I have never used it before.

Before the social media mentioned, there were other ways of keeping contact with people all over the world. Here I am thinking of MSN Messenger and ICQ. Those were my two go-to desktop based chat channels, but I was also very active in an online chat, where I chatted to quite a number of South Africans. Oh thinking back of those days, and the fun I had, the talks I had, and the meetings I had. They do bring back memories, some of which have been shared on this blog.

Of course I chatted to family on MSN, but I also chatted to strangers. Sexy strangers. Strangers who gawked at my naked images on Redclouds. Oh… Redclouds. Those were the days when I had a husband who was in no way interested in anything sexy (except the occasional fuck), and where I took my own images and shared them online. That’s how I met The Traveler, the only person from those days who is still in my life. We don’t talk much, but the connection seems to always just be there. Thankfully, when Master T and I got together he turned out to be just as interested in taking nudes than I was, and he took care of posting images on Redclouds. Until the site was sold and it just wasn’t the same anymore.

But by that time I had my own space on the webs to share my images… and I had discovered Twitter. I have frequently called Twitter ‘one big chat room’, as it reminds me so much of those days that I chatted in the online chat rooms, and DM’s remind me of MSN Messenger or ICQ.

But, I honestly have to say that I am getting a lot more inspiration from Twitter than I ever got from the chats of those days. This may just be because back then I wasn’t focused on blogging and writing, but only on having a good time. Still I think those chats had lain the basis for me to love Twitter as much as I do. I do Facebook too, but there is no way I love that as much as I do Twitter.

So, like I said, back then I talked to strangers who became horny because of the images I shared. I met some of them, sometimes for a midday fuck, other times only for a cup of coffee. There was one man who invited me to dinner in a Greek restaurant, and I loved how thoughtful he was to meet on neutral ground first. We had a lovely evening, and then he invited me to come to his home. Not the same night, but sometime in the future. I said yes, because he made me feel safe. Not once that first evening did he try to touch me, not even for a hug and I appreciated this of him.

Some weeks later I visited him, and it was the first of quite a couple of visits to his place. The first night I was there we talked about the images I shared, and he asked me whether I would like him to take some photos of me. Of course, I would. The next time, and the next, and the next, I brought my camera when I went to him, and every time he had taken photos of me, I gave him a blowjob after he had fingered me to several orgasms. He never fucked me.

The image I am sharing today is one of the images he had taken of me back in April 2003. I was ‘thinner’ back then, but looking at this image I see I had the same stretch marks back then than I have now, and I still wear my watch the same way, even though this is a different watch. And, apparently back then I loved touching my pussy as much as I do today…

red panties
Socializing… that means fingering yourself right?

Sometimes I wonder where this man is today. Back then he had a Belgium girlfriend, which was the main reason why he never fucked me, because that felt like cheating to him. Him fingering me and me sucking him didn’t. I would love to know he is doing well, but no matter how hard and well I search for him, I can’t find him.

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15 thoughts on “Socializing in Red

  1. i love this shot, it’s so sexy but my favourite part may be that you left on your watch ….

  2. Lovely sexy memories, I can feel your fondness for them and some of the guys you met at that time. That image is hot AF! Wow Marie, what a minx you were then (and still are now!) x

  3. Wonderful memories Marie . . . had to giggle at the fact that your Greek dinner man felt he “wasn’t cheating” on his Belgian girlfriend!!!

    Love those red knickers . . . I do believe I’ve seen them on my “Polaroids Past” pages haven’t I ???

    Xxx – K

  4. I’m really enjoying seeing some of your older photos Marie. I love the story that goes with this one, how social media has changed over the years. xx

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