Nipples, Orgasm and Torture

For my February Photofest 2019 I am taking a trip down memory lane…

… and since it’s Thursday, I am looking at an image I posted before.

Throwback Thursday it is!

Back on my birthday in 2012, Master T and I had our very first overnight stay in a hotel. We were there for only one night, but you won’t believe the amount of stuff we took with us. It would be the first ever time we would be able to ‘play’ without having to be careful not to make a noise because there were kids around.

One of the things Master T brought to the hotel was a torture device — something that had intrigued me for quite some time, and which I couldn’t wait to try. But, by the time we were in that room I didn’t think about all the things I wanted to try. It was such a special and relaxed feeling to be together, with no interruptions, that I totally forgot about the things Master T had brought and I just went with the flow. Whatever he wanted; whatever he expected of me was good. Whether it was taking photos, having me masturbating while he watched or tied up to the balustrade in the room that lead to the roof terrace.

One thing we discovered that day is that I was able to climax having only my nipples stimulated. Not licked. Not softly touched. But pinched. Harder and harder. I don’t know who was more surprised when I could have a nipple orgasm: Master T or I. We thought it was just luck, so he tried it again and yes, I climaxed again. Several times. It was quite the discovery!

Of course then we wanted to explore more, and that is when the torture device came out of the bag, something I really wanted to try. And I wasn’t disappointed!

nipple torture black and white
Harsh treatment… delicious!

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5 thoughts on “Nipples, Orgasm and Torture

  1. I am in awe of those who can climax from nipple stim! I love having mine played with, but the sensation isn’t enough to get my over the edge. Great photo, Rebel!

  2. For a while I was really fascinated with nipple orgasms (when it works, it is really quite an amazing feature of the body!). This is a fun throwback story, I enjoyed the nostalgic aspect of it. And the photo is striking.

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