Masturbatory Observation

When I think of ‘mutual masturbation’, my first thought is that I have never done it before. Never have Master T and I masturbated together. In fact, he barely ever masturbates and I think in all these years of him and I being together I can count the times he has wanked himself in my presence on my one hand. Normally he lets me do the ‘work’, as that is just part of our dynamic.

I have, however, many times masturbated with him watching me, and because he told me to get myself off. This, in the strictest sense of the word might not be mutual masturbation, but there’s a kind of intimacy here that cannot be denied. When I start out touching myself, I always feel so self-conscious and I never know whether I am doing things ‘right’, as Master T has this ability to keep his emotions to himself — you can’t read it from his face. But, sometimes I see the twinkle in his eyes or a slight smile and I know I should just keep on doing what I’m doing, and that he’s definitely enjoying the show.

Not ever having masturbated with Master T doesn’t mean I had never been ‘involved’ in mutual masturbation. Oh yes, I certainly have and my mind takes me back to 2012, 2013 and 2014 when we still had play dates with Dena and her Master R, before they decided to move on without any kind of explanation at all, something I still don’t understand and might never understand at all. After sharing so many intimate moments, just moving on seem a bit rude, but that’s just my opinion, because that’s not the way I am. A story for a different time.

Many times when we were together we — Dena and I — were told to sit together on the couch and masturbate. Sometimes we were interrupted and told to touch each other, but other times we each had to bring ourselves to an orgasm. Sometimes the men even made a competition out of it, wanting to see who would climax first. Now, I can normally be very quick to orgasm, but strangely enough not when I am frigging myself.

Do I miss the fact that Master T and I don’t masturbate together?
No, I don’t. In fact, thinking back on previous relationships, I have never masturbated together with any man I have been with. This is just not something that interests me. But, masturbating together with another woman in a BDSM setting? Bring it on… that definitely is something I love to do, and I know exactly the woman I would want to have at my side…

mutual masturbation
Touching myself while being watched… an image from 2013.

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7 thoughts on “Masturbatory Observation

  1. Wank racing just wouldn’t work for me, or at least I’d always lose because I can’t orgasm when being watched!

  2. This is a really interesting “window into another person’s life” post, I enjoyed reading it. I also love the idea of wank races. It reminds me of when husband told me about “cock hero” and I laughed my head off, was like WE HAVE TO TRY THAT!

  3. My goodness, what a show that must have been! Love that gleaming metal and glistening flesh! If I were, there, the first to climax would have been me!

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