If You Were Mine…

For my February Photofest 2019 I am taking a trip down memory lane…

… and since it’s Thursday, I am looking at an image I posted before.

Throwback Thursday it is!

On September 4, 2011 I shared photos of my nipple piercings.

The second set.

Back in 1999 I had my nipples pierced for the first time. I was still with my second husband back then. I have always been intrigued by nipple piercings and I have always loved my breasts, and my nipples. I think they are beautiful, and back in 1999 for the first time I wanted them adorned with piercings.

Then came July of that year and mom, my oldest daughter and I were going to do the Vierdaagse in Nijmegen, which is a hiking event where you walk 40 kilometers for each of four consecutive days. The three of us would stay with a cousin of mom’s, and we slept in the same room. We undressed in that room. We would see each other naked.

That very first night there, I took the piercings out. I couldn’t face my mom or my daughter with the piercings. I didn’t want them to know or to see. What made it way easier to take those piercings out was the fact that even after months, they were not properly healed.

Then I met Master T…

Back in the days when we were still chatting he said two things:

  • If you were mine I would want you pierced;
  • If you were mine I would have you tattooed.

Looking at those sentences, I now realize there already was a prelude to our D/s relationship.

The tattoo happened when we made our D/s commitment. The piercings happened many years before that, in 2005. I really, really, really wanted to have my nipples pierced again. Master T didn’t object; in fact, he encouraged it. However, yet again my nipples didn’t heal properly.

It’s now 14 years later and like I said in To pierce or not to pierce?, my nipples are itching again. I am seriously thinking of just doing it again! Hey, I have been married three times, and the third time’s a charm, right? So maybe it works the same with nipple piercings?

I think 2019 is the year in which I might just adorn my nipples once again.

nipple piercings
God, I just love this look…

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  1. Really love this photo – so personal – we can see your gorgeous freckles and you have wonderful nails too 😉 x

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