Where Hands Touch

I don’t have a specific fetish with hands, but I do notice the hands of others.

When I look at the hands of other women, especially those around my age, I tend to compare them with my hands. My hands look like my moms, more and more every day. They are wrinkled and full of lines, just like my mom’s (and grandmom’s) were. Our hands seem to age much quicker than our faces. Some women have long fingers, something I admire, especially when there are rings on their fingers. Other women have hands that are more masculine than feminine. Some women, when you touch their hands, they feel ‘fat’ even though the woman in question isn’t necessarily overweight.

I also notice the hands of men. I tend to look at the size of their hands, at the length of their fingers and I have to force my thoughts away from filthy thoughts. When their hands are big I wonder how it would feel when they spank me. When their fingers are long I wonder how it would feel if they finger me. Sometimes I feel a blush rise on my face when I stare at a man’s hands for too long, wondering if he can read my thoughts.

Master T doesn’t have big hands, and believe me, when he smacks my bottom it stings like hell. Hands don’t have to be big to make marks or give a good spanking. One thing he has too is strength in his hands. His pinches are mean and delicious, and when he grips my hand in his I am mostly quickly begging for him to let me go and promising to do what he expects of me.

One thing I do love about hands is what they an do. They can touch softly or harsh; they can cup your face between them, or smack your bottom bright red.

And my hand can close around his shaft, and guide his cock into my mouth…

my hand on his cock
My hand holding his cock…

© Rebel’s Notes

6 thoughts on “Where Hands Touch

  1. Great post!
    I also watch hands a lot, and compare the lengths of fingers. My Master’s hands are shorter then mine, but strong, thick, capable.

  2. I like hands much more than eg a whip or a cane. You have full control on your own hands,. A cane or a whip hasn’t got that direct feeling, so a prefer using my hands to give a spanking … or whatever.
    I’ve got big hands with long fingers and like it a lot using them ;-).

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