Can Casual Hookups Lead to Meaningful Relationships?

In today’s world, everything moves fast and in a straightforward manner. The modern generation is too busy to invest much time in relationships. Therefore, casual hook ups have become the norm for many people. The process of casual hookups is easy and hassle-free. Just like gay men can find hook-ups easily on Grindr, straight people can easily get hooked up on sites like Grindr for straight people. These kinds of sites are well-functioning today for this specific purpose. Members on the site talk for a while and then decide a place to move forward further and to engage in sexual intimacy. For some people, things might progress a bit slower. Sometimes, after getting to know each other, they exchange phone calls and texts for a few days or often weeks, go on a couple of dates and then decide to sleep with each other.

In all such cases, sex plays quite a significant, perhaps the most significant role. The older generation might frown upon this modern version of courtship because according to many, sex should not be the corner stone of a relationship. But let us discuss below why casual hookup or casual sex has the potential to lead to meaningful relationships.

Sexual Activity Draws a Couple Closer

It is undeniable that sexual intimacy draws a couple towards each other more. They become familiar to each other through the act of sex like they were never before. A healthy sex life, therefore, is an indispensable part of a romantic relationship. Just as you should look for a lover whom you can emotionally and spiritually rely upon, at the same time, you should also look for, in the same lover, sexual compatibility. Only then, your relationship can achieve the fulfillment you are looking for.

Sexual Compatibility is Essential in a Relationship

Now, people who are into casual hookup already, at the very beginning, find out the sexual compatibility. There is also some amount of trust and attraction towards the person they are sleeping with because otherwise the experience, even though it is casual, might be disastrous. Sometimes, people who have casually had sex with each other find each other so delightful that they choose to meet up again and again and eventually they feel that they have developed a certain amount of emotional dependency on each other. In this case, the emotional and spiritual intimacy blooms through the physical act of sex.

Both Spiritual and Physical Intimacy is Necessary

In many relationships, even though there is spiritual satisfaction, the physical aspect of it is often disappointing. This dissatisfaction can cause a break up even after you have gone through an emotional ride and invested a considerable amount of time in your relationship. But in the case of casual hookup, the physical aspect is the first thing to be tested. Many people are afraid to be emotionally intimate with just anyone. If the physical intimacy gives them the assurance that may be they can trust the other, they begin to open up emotionally as well.

However, it is not necessary that all casual hookups may lead to meaningful relationships. Some people want to keep it strictly to sex with no strings attached.

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  1. For me, it’s usually quite apparent from the start if there’s chemistry beyond the physical, even when a relationship begins under the auspices of “hooking up” or is intended to be mainly sexual. This can be quite fun (a happy surprise, finding much more than hoped for, thank you universe!) or kind of challenging (wanting to cultivate a friendship that perhaps isn’t “meant to be” from the other’s perspective).

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