Blue Monday

Debra slammed the front door behind her, threw her keys in the bowl on the secretaire and opened the door to the lounge. Bobby looked at her with concern.

“Hard day at the office, m’love?”
Debra sagged onto the couch next to him, her face contorted by the anger that she couldn’t seem to get rid of. That morning when she had woken up an ominous feeling took hold of her, and halfway through the day the premonition manifested into reality, during an executive meeting, where she and her boss had a huge falling out, probably much to the delight of all the other attendees. Back in her office she had tried to shake the feeling, but the way he ha talked to her, the way he had called her as a ‘just a woman’ didn’t sit well with her.

She wasn’t ‘just a woman’. She had worked damn hard to get where she was, much harder than any of the men in that meeting. She deserved the position she worked in, not because she fucked her way to the top or because she was a man, but because of her hard work and the three studies she had completed while working a more-than-full-time job. She had wanted to go to her boss’s office to discuss what had happened, but as usual he left the building halfway through the afternoon, while she would be the one closing her office door long after dinnertime.

A gentle push against her arm reminded her of Bobby who was still waiting for an answer.
“A fucking blue Monday, if you ask me,” she snarled.
“Blue? Did you say ‘blue’?”
Debra glanced over to Bobby and saw a twinkle in his eyes. Some of her anger started melting.
“Yes, blue.”
She now smiled at him.
“I think you know what I’m talking about?”
“Yes, I do.”
“Then, do it.”

Debra leaned in for a quick kiss before she complied to his request. Bobby smacked her bum as she got up to leave the room.

Several minutes later, Debra turned her face up to the hot water of the shower, feeling the stress and anger flowing from her and disappearing down the drain with the soapy foam. Bobby always knew exactly what she needed.

With a huge, soft towel wrapped around her, Debra opened their ‘naughty’ drawer. She retrieved the set Bobby had been talking about. For a moment she held the two pieces in her hand, then put one of them back. Quickly she put on a pair of stockings, then the bright blue bottoms and got on the bed, just in time to hear the bedroom door open behind her…

blue panties round ass
An image from somewhere in 2009…

© Rebel’s Notes

11 thoughts on “Blue Monday


    And also, that story is pure truth even if it is fiction. Some people make me so damn mad, especially that “just a woman” BS. Ugh.

  2. Liked that story the stress and almost angst then “the one” that understands and can help release it – should be like that. And the phot phew – hot! x

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