Way Back To The Beginning…

For my February Photofest 2019 I am taking a trip down memory lane…

… and since it’s Thursday, I am looking at an image I posted before.

Throwback Thursday it is!

As I paged through my photos, I noticed that in 2009 and 2010 there are no nudes at all. It’s only towards the end of 2010 that nudes appeared in my Lightroom library again. Now, to be really sure that there were no nudes, I will have to check Master T’s computer, as I don’t have all the images that had been made on my computer.

But it makes sense that there were less images… in 2009 I was busy making one painting after the other and my focus was not on blogging at all. By then this blog didn’t even exist yet! Then came 2010 and most of the year was about our oldest being pregnant, and on 11 September 2010 our first grandson was born. By then Rebel’s Notes had also been born (on 26 January 2010), but it lay dormant for several months.

On the first of November 2010, I posted my first naked image. This was only my fifth post on the blog, but from there on my blog took flight and became something that I worked on every day. I still do. Every. Day. It’s become so part of me that I cannot imagine my life without my blog anymore. I know there will come a time that I will stop, but not for many years to come. I hope.

Since this is about Throwback Thursday, I want to focus on that very first image on my blog. I posted it on 2 November 2010, but it was taken on 1 November 2010, on our fifth wedding annniversary. I was in my car, on one of our ‘famous’ highways, on my way back from an evening of class. Back then I was doing a bachelor study. It was quiet on the highway and while driving, I made the image which I later showed Master T. It was our fifth wedding anniversary on November 2010, and I wanted to celebrate it in some or other way.

I did it with an image… and a blog post.

And, today I smile when I see that back the I wrote about myself in the third person!

an old anniversary photo
A speedy photo, made while driving 100km/h at night, on my way home…

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