Amazing Love

To astonish is to amaze and astound. Remember that astonish means more than surprised. It carries with it a feeling of being truly impressed. Astonish derives from the Latin tonare ‘thunder.’ When you are astonished, you’re thunderstruck.

Love is an amazing thing…

I know many kinds of love. I feel many kinds of love. Love for family, love for friends, love for things I do…

My blogs are a work of love, something I pour my heart in and work hard on every day, because it’s where I can share all of myself in any which way I choose, where I give others the opportunity to share their works of love and develop themselves as writers. I love what I do, and I’m astonished by the love I get back.

Organizing a dinner for ladies at our local hangout once a month is something I love to do, and seeing them all sitting there, enjoying the food and drinks, laughing and talking, my heart warms. It might not be love, but it makes me thankful that I can do this for them, and that’s a feeling I love.

There’s the love for friends, those who care enough about me to speak hard words to me when necessary, those who support me in my crazy projects, who sit listening patiently to what I tell, even if it might not be their field of interest. I love them for that, and because they do it, they make me feel loved. Accepted.

My kids, my grandkids. I have definitely not been a model mother and I am certainly not a model grandmother, but I love all of them to bits and I will die for each and every one of them if I have to. With all the difficulties I have been through with them, with tears and fights and laughter and so much more, there is one thing that has always been central: LOVE. I love my daughters, love my son, and love my grandsons. I cannot imagine my life without any one of them in it.

And of course, speaking of love, I cannot leave out the amazing love between Master T and me. I fell in love with him in April 2002, and I am still as in love with him as I was almost 17 years ago. If I had ever doubted the strength of our love, the last two years has shown me just how much we have been made for each other. We belong together. We finish each other’s sentences. We read each other’s minds. We can sit here, having lengthy conversations or be quiet together for hours. If ever we die, we should die within a week from each other, because I don’t think the one can go on without the other. I’m privileged, astonished, thunderstruck by having found a love like this.

All this love I feel, all the love I have to give… the more I think about it, the more I know that I am following an example. There was one person in my life who always had so much to give and took so little for herself. She was interested in everyone, wanted to know what kept us busy, helped where she could, always listened, and when we needed her, she was there in a flash. Yes, my mom. If I can do but half of what she has done, I know I will make her proud. She hasn’t taught me to love, she has shown me how to do it. Only now, now that she’s gone, I realize I have been following her example all along…

Love is an amazing thing!

I love you panties
I love you… and you… and you… and you!

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17 thoughts on “Amazing Love

  1. What a happy, upbeat and positive post. In writing it you have passed on some of your love, so thank you. The picture is fab – I love seeing that cute and fun side to you 🙂

  2. Yesss there are so many diverse ways to love even outside being romantic or sexual, and they are all valid! I’m so glad to see you acknowledge the love of your writing and advocacy in addition to all the people you care deeply about.

  3. I was reading your words, thinking to myself “Awww, this post makes me feel all sparkly and pink!”

    And then there was your photo — all sparkly and pink! 🙂

  4. I am not astonished to read this beautiful post, which is so typical in my opinion, of lovely, loving you.
    The knickers are a hoot, and I’m delighted by your socks as well – I’m surprised but not astonished that Molly missed these – clearly carried along by a wave of love for you dear Rebel.
    I’m hoping that CM and I can achieve the level of loving partnership that you and Master T have…
    Indie xxx

  5. I know a similar kind of love with JB, and I agree…we’ll have to die within minutes or days of each other because we won’t survive the loss of the other.

    Also, I looooooove this picture!!

  6. Lovely post and you are so right . . . love can be expressed in so many different ways . . . and that is what makes it such an amazing emotion.

    Oh, and fun knickers too !!!

    Xxx – K

  7. I can see love in everything you do and write – and you have such a giving generous nature, you deserve love all around you – IMO 😉 x Love the photo

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