The Shop

She walked into the huge branch of a well know lingerie store, feeling very self-conscious. Even though she knew that it was not the case, she felt as if everyone was watching her and everyone knew the real reason for her visit to this store. To calm her nerves and to look the normal customer, she wandered between the racks with lingerie, women’s wear and other sexy things. On her second tour of the store she took a black dress from one of the racks. She checked the size and just to make it more believable, she took another of the same dress of the rack, but in a different size. She looked around some more and when she walked towards the back of the shop where the fitting rooms were, she had two dresses, two night dresses and two sweaters with her.


A very friendly lady took the items she was holding from her when she got to the counter at the entrance of the fitting rooms area. She was only allowed to take a maximum of 4 items with her into the cubicle. The lady promised to bring the other two items to her the moment she asked for it. This made her feel nervous all over again. She did not want the lady to come to the cubicle once she was in there. But she couldn’t tell her that she didn’t want those items either. That might raise some suspicion.

She smiled at the lady just before the curtain of the cubicle closed. The two black dresses and the two sweaters hung on the hook inside the cubicle. She had no intention at all to fit them. The back and side walls of the cubicle had a bench where one could sit on. It was narrow, but it would do. She unzipped her bag and got her smartphone out of it. She rumbled in her bag a bit and found the special cradle that she had bought the week before. The cradle was put in the corner of the bench, ‘facing’ her. She switched her phone on, entered her pin and activated the camera function on her phone. She was grateful that her phone had two good camera lenses – one in the front and one in the back. When she put the phone in the cradle, she saw herself. No. She saw her skirt.

Nervously she looked behind her, double checking to see whether the curtain was really closed. It was. She looked back at the screen of her telephone and slowly pulled her skirt up. One by one she saw it appear on her telephone screen: her stockings, the garter belt, her naked pussy. There was one more thing to check before she would know for sure that she could continue. She took a small step closer to the phone and then put her one foot on the bench. Yes! The image on the screen was what she wanted it to be: the lighting in the cubicle was just right. There were no shadows. She could clearly see the folds of her pussy.

She took the phone from the cradle and changed it to record video. When the phone was back in the cradle, she put her foot back up on the bench and slowly started to stroke her pussy. His voice could be heard in her head: do it slowly, so I can see it clearly. If you move too quickly, it will be blurred and there will be consequences. She pinched her outer labia, rolling them slowly between her thumb and forefinger. She pulled at them, watching the inside pink of her pussy appear on the screen in the cradle. With her fingers spread, she pushed her pussy lips aside to see more of her wet pinkness. Her nipples reacted to the sexy images on the small screen: they hardened.

It took all her self-control to slowly move her fingers over her clitoris. Seeing what she was doing to herself made her horny. The adrenaline in her body wanted her to move quicker. She spread her fingers once more, spreading her lips, looking at her wetness glistening on her soft flesh. Her finger dipped in her wetness and spread it up to her clitoris. Again. She used her fluids to stimulate her clitoris, feeling the burn under her fingers. Feeling her body begging for more. Her breathing intensified. She did not expect that she would be able to execute this task in such a short period of time. Her assignment was clear: she was to climax in the fitting room and she had to film it as proof that she did it. As nervous as she was she thought it would take a long time for her to reach a climax. But the familiar feeling of an orgasm building and her breathing told her different. She was almost there…

“Are you succeeding in there, miss?” she heard the voice of the fitting room lady approaching.
Damn! For the love of…! Why now? Could the lady not have waited just two more minutes?
“Uh…” she faltered, “uh, yes, everything is fine.” Her voice was husky with lust.
Her skirt had just dropped in place when the curtain opened. She took the clothes from the hook and gave it to the lady. The lady had a curious look on her face. She was sure that her body obscured the view on her phone. She almost grabbed the two night dresses from the lady’s hands.
“I will fit these now,” she managed to say in a voice quivering with horniness. The curtain fell in place again.

The night dresses dropped to the floor as she turned around and just let go of it. She pulled her skirt up again and put her foot back on the bench. Spreading herself she sighed as she saw her pussy on the telephone screen again. No shadow. Only glistening pink folds. Her fingers were in her wetness, pushing deeper, spreading more wetness towards her clitoris. She pulled at her cunt lips, pinching them lightly, watching her movements on the tiny screen on the cradle. Her fingers found her clitoris, circling it, rubbing it, rekindling the fire that started there before she was interrupted.

With slow circling movements, she rubbed her clitoris. She pressed down harder. Pulled her clitoris and then circled it again. Her nipples were hard. She felt as if they were pulled – pulled towards her center – her clitoris. Her knees went weak when her orgasm exploded. She could barely suppress the moan coming from deep in her throat. With her foot still on the bench against the back wall, she supported her back against the side wall of the cubicle. Her hand cupped her throbbing pussy. She first had to catch her breath and get her clothes in place before she could leave the cubicle.

She sensed more than saw the movement. There on the other side of the curtain was a young woman watching her through the crack between the curtain and the cubicle wall. Lust was clearly visible in the woman’s eyes…

© Rebel’s Notes

Wicked Wednesday

6 thoughts on “The Shop

  1. Very sexy story! (I have totally done something like this- except for the fun ending!) love all your detail and the feeling of sexy mischief ?

  2. Sexily and stealthily done Rebel – you shared out the details very slowly and your visual descriptions were spot on. Very ‘real’ with the interruption and a good twist ending.
    I’ve written a story in a similar vein, but my ‘bad girl’ was rather bold & blatant!

  3. This writing reminds me of a very distant real life dare/task.

    I accidentally dropped my phone and broke it on completion ?

    Sounds like you had fun making your video too xx

  4. Oh my . . . Marie . . . very sexy! Very very !!!

    You’ve got my mind racing, my body tingling . . . and wishing I was better with my phone !!!

    Wonderful !!!

    Xxx -K

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