Sleep No More

Sleep in hotel
Seemingly asleep…

I love my sleep.



Once I am asleep, I don’t like to be woken up. I want to sleep and sleep and sleep and sleep. I can be a real bitch if someone wakes me up in the middle of the night, or sometimes I am even bitchy when my alarm clock wakes me in the morning and someone speaks to me before I have had my shower.

Okay, so I think I have made it clear that sleepy sex is not my thing, but…

… yes, there’s always a but.

If the mood is right, I can be into sleepy sex. Sometimes in the evenings when we go to bed and I am really tired, I might not want sex, but sometimes Master T says that he’s going to finger me to sleep. If I am really tired I will tell him, but mostly that doesn’t work. He will tell me to close my eyes and spread my legs, and to enjoy. And seriously, he will start fingering me and I will slowly drift to that place between wake and sleep. An orgasm is not the goal; only pleasure. Sometimes Master T will stop and tell me to go to sleep; other times I will ask permission for an orgasm, and then everything will turn into full-on sex.

It hasn’t ever happen before (as far as I can remember now) but I think if we would both be more or less awake at the same time during the night and we are both in the mood, something similar — the fingering — or lazy sex might happen.

Another time for sleepy or drowsy sex of course is in the morning, when it’s not time yet to get up, you’re not fully awake and after sex you can actually turn over and sleep some more. Yes, this has happened some times in my life, but I think I can count the times on my two hands. Like I said, I don’t like to be woken in the morning, and my sleep is more important than sex. Seriously.

But… (yes, there we go again), never say never. Sex like this might happen in a hotel, as there I can mostly let go of my fixed routines, and enjoy things I might otherwise not enjoy. It can also happen at home, but then the circumstances have to be more than ideal. And what exactly the ideal circumstances are? I have no idea…

While I was ‘writing’ this post in my mind, I asked Master T what would happen if he woke me from my sleep in the middle of the night to have sex. His answer?

“You will spread your legs when I tell you to.”

I looked at him in surprise, because he knows how much I love my sleep. So I asked him again, this time ‘reminding’ him about this love of mine.

“You will spread your legs when I tell you to. Sleep or no sleep.”

Well, so there’s that. And you know what, even though I know this is not even likely to happen, if it does, I think I might even enjoy it.

No matter how much I love my sleep, I love sex too, and especially sex with Master T. I think in the end it all boils down to the stars aligning for me to actually enjoy sleepy sex.

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8 thoughts on “Sleep No More

  1. I’m a huge fan of sleep mostly because I don’t sleep well anyway. But… but there is something about being woken up, fucked, and sent back to sleep. Not often, but occasionally this would be soo hot

  2. I love that picture (when I first saw it AND now). And also, I feel like JB and I need to find out if I can be fingered to sleep. I love being penetrated so I think it might be a successful experiment. 🙂

  3. I Iove my sleep too too, it’s just a shame I’m not very good at it!
    My partner knows that I need my sleep if I’m getting up in the morning so tries (often fails) at not waking me. However he went through a sexomnia phase that means he has no control over it. A fact that terrifies him.

  4. i dont like to be woken up at anytime, during the week, he is up and gone from the house by 5 am, i get up when “i feel like it”, or when the dog starts wandering aroud

    on the weekends, he’s still up around 4:45 am, quietly gets out of bed, makes some coffee and goes downstairs to check his email. he will wake me up by fingering my clit, i’m usually not fully awake when i have my 1st orgasm, soon i’m sitting on his face having a 2nd or 3rd orgasm, and giving his cock some attention. i’ll cum again ( sometimes more than once) while he fucks me.
    gotta love the weekend!!!

  5. I too love my sleep so generally speaking we dont have sleepy sex. But if the moment was right, we’d both have to be awake and willing, it can happen ?

  6. I think you would enjoy it too – even though you like your sleep – cause i think you love him and what he says more than your sleep – after all sleep is something you can do another night x

  7. This is definitely one of those “if I’m in the mood” things for me. Thankfully, since my husband has sexsomnia, I can just smack him away and he usually stops. But if I had to do it as part of my submission, internally I’d be pouty about it. Like you, I really love and need my sleep and I usually don’t like being woken up.

  8. When I am sleeping — the good, sound kind of sleep that I *need* in order to manage during my waking hours — I am like a bear in hibernation.

    Luckily, my partners know better than to poke the bear. 😉

    On the other hand…

    I rather enjoy a bit of sexy exploration during the middle-night hours if I’m the one initiating it because I’ve woken up of my own accord. 😉

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