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Following a post on Aurora Glory’s blog back in January 2018, 10 Things I Will NEVER Write About, I have thought about doing my own list. Okay, I have wanted to do the post shortly after I have read Aurora’s blog, but this has been sitting in my drafts folder ever since. Now, it’s finally time to share my list with you.

In no particular order…


So, if you search my blog for any posts on ‘religion’, you will find some, like the one called… Religion. So here I am to tell you I will never write about religion, but it seems I have done so before. However, I still feel that this is a subject I will not write about, and the way I mean is that I will not constantly voice my opinion, and try to get others to see it my way. I also don’t want others to try to convert me to their ways. I respect yours, so just respect mine, and there’s no need for a discussion about it. Whenever I see a discussion about religion, I just move on. I will not get involved in it, will not be lured into a discussion where someone else wants to see it their way, or I try to get them to see it my way. There were times when people tried to get me into a discussion like this, and I just told them I am not willing to discuss it. And I didn’t. So there might be one post on here about religion, but don’t expect there to be another. Ever.


This is something that is right up there with religion: politics. I will not write about it, at all. I never have, and never will. I am not interest in politics, and where I always use my right to vote, I allow Master T to lead me to which party I should vote for. Why? Because it doesn’t matter who the hell I vote for, it will never be the party who solely runs the country. There are too many political parties in this country, so there always have to be a coalition of different parties, meaning not everything I have voted for will ever become reality. I tend to say that it doesn’t matter what you vote, the government will do what they want anyway. I know this is a bit blunt, but this is just the way I see it. So I just vote what Master T tells me to vote, and I am perfectly okay with it.
And, where I feel like this about politics and will never write about it on this blog (other than this piece), I do know damn well what’s happening in the country and the European Union, as I keep up with the news.

The sex industry

I do sex toy reviews, I do reviews of sexy books, but one thing I will never do is to write about the sex industry. I feel I just don’t have enough knowledge of the different companies, of who is doing it ‘right’, and who is doing it ‘wrong’. I always believe in the good of everyone, yes, companies too, until proven otherwise. I know there are other sex bloggers out there who don’t shy away from saying negative things about some stores in the sex industry, but I have frequently found them too harsh, to the point of being so rude that I felt ashamed to be a sex blogger. Yes, if a company has done something wrong, they should be called out, but I just feel it’s not up to me, as I never see the bigger picture, and don’t keep myself busy with studying all the facts and finding fault. One thing I absolutely hate when a company is called out (rightfully or not) is when people are outright rude. I don’t think that’s necessary at all.

Sex toys for men

Since I mentioned sex toy reviews in the previous paragraph, I also wanted to mention this: I will never ever write about sex toys for men. I have been approached by several companies and they offered me male sex toys to review, but I have declined. Master T is not into using any kind of sex toys, so this is just something I will not do. Because of this point of view, I barely ever test couples’ toys either.

Pegging a man

Sex toys for men made me think of pegging a man. This really is a subject you will never find on my site either. I have absolutely no desire to peg a man, but I love reading about it when others have done it.

Pegging a woman? Now’you’re talking…


Moving away from sex toys and the sex industry, I thought about my close surroundings. Who and what will I never write about? This answer was easy: colleagues. I might have mentioned colleagues before, but a mention is not the same as actually writing about them. Where my colleagues know that I write about sex, and they know my pseudonym, I would never want to tell their stories on my site, or write about fancying a colleague, and then the colleague recognizes her-/himself from my story. Even though I want to believe none of my colleagues have googled my pseudonym, deep down I won’t be surprised if they did and if they occasionally visit my site to see what I am up to. I don’t want to embarrass them, or myself.

Sexuality of my children

I have written about my children before, mentioning different anecdotes, but I would never write about their sexuality and things they do. Frankly, as little as they want to know about my sex life, I want to know about theirs. It just doesn’t feel right to be writing about something that is private to them, even if they are open about some of it towards us. It’s their life, and those are their stories to tell, not mine.

Where Aurora made a list of ten things she would never write about, I only came up with seven. Maybe there are more things, but nothing that’s important enough to mention here, otherwise I would’ve thought about it.

So what things will YOU never write about?

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6 thoughts on “Never Will I Write About This

  1. I agree with you on a LOT of these topics. Some things don’t interest me to write about or simply don’t fit who I am in the sex blogging space.

  2. This is an interesting idea for a post and I enjoyed reading about it. I hadn’t seen Aurora’s list but will go and check it out now. ?

  3. I remember you saying you might write your own list and I’m so pleased I didn’t miss it! Religion is one I hadn’t thought of, but definitely one I should have included. I actually went on to write 2 of the things on my list in the end. 8 of them are still never evers though lol
    Aurora x

  4. Such a great list and a great prompt. I may follow your lead on this one and do my own list!

  5. Great list Marie, I have no idea what would be on my no write list! seemingly very little, but I’m sure there are some things, I might have to have a little think about this x

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