Love Shine a Light

Love shine a light in every corner of my heart
Let the love light carry, let the love light carry
Light up the magic in every little part let our love
Shine a light in every corner of our hearts
~ Katrina and the Waves

This song holds dear memories to me, as it was one of the songs that mom and I sang back when we were in a gospel choir for some years. It was a choir of about 100 people and mom and I were both altos and always stood together, enjoying the music. I remember one time when we had a performance in a church, and we started singing slowly and softly and gently, and then suddenly there was this crescendo and we stood their swinging and enjoying with huge smiles on our faces (I am smiling just typing that). The song we sang? I Will Follow Him from Sister Act with Whoopi Goldberg. Brilliant!

It’s memories like that which bring back the light in my head, the light in my life. And the more I let the light in, the more I can keep the darkness out.

naked breasts in black and white
More curves and lines, all bathed in light…

© Rebel’s Notes

15 thoughts on “Love Shine a Light

  1. This is a beautiful image and a beautiful memory. I am so glad that thinking about your mum feels lighter for you now as that must be such a comfort.

  2. I do love it when we get to see your tattoo and it looks fabulous in black and white – as do you!

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