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Since this is a subject of Kink of the week that is revisited, I have obviously written about panties before, and also about dirty panties. In those posts I have come to the conclusion that I don’t have a fetish for knickers (panties), and I have said over and over again that I don’t like dirty panties.

For the sake of this post I want to focus on my wearing panties.

Where I still own all those beautiful panties I did years ago, I don’t wear them. I had them sent over from the US from Victoria’s Secret and just don’t want to get rid of them. In the past years I have reverted to wearing black underwear. Maybe once in three months I would wear something light-colored, but mostly I wear black — black knickers, black bra, all basic. I love it. I don’t have to think about pairing things, don’t have to think about which color I would wear today… it’s just so easy.

Lately though, I have been thinking about my knickers. You see, it’s been quite some time now (honestly since the yummy things were in the shops about two months before Christmas) that I noticed my knickers slipping down over the roundness of my belly. I. Hate. That. Not because they slip down, but the feeling. I have been thinking of buying a bigger size but on the other hand I am going to the gym again and know my knickers will soon fit ‘properly’ again.

But I cannot shake this feeling that I want to have new knickers. Knickers with lace. Knickers with nice prints. Yes, I have those, but they don’t fit. I want knickers with prints that fit.

simple black knickers
My simple black knickers… so comfy!

I think we all go through phases in our lives, and I think I am slowly coming to the end of my ‘black’ period. Not where clothes are concerned, because I have mostly been in black for about 30 years now (not goth, just black) and that will not change anytime soon, if ever. But, I am thinking about wearing lacy things under my clothes. Sexy lacy things. Things that make me feel pretty.

No, that’s not the right way to say it. I am in a phase where I am more accepting of my body than I have ever been in my life, and suddenly I want to adorn it with pretty things. I have even been thinking of going to a special lingerie shop and instead of doing what I always do — run in, try to be invisible, grab things I think/know will fit, pay and run out again — to have a proper fitting of not only knickers, but also my bra. I’m thinking about this, but whether I will eventually do it remains to be seen. I easily find that things are too expensive…

So, until I decide what to do, I will just keep on wearing my practical black knickers, and will enjoy to look at them paired with my practical black bra!

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5 thoughts on “Practical Knickers

  1. I rarely wear the panties I’ve got, and yet I looooove shopping for new ones. JB says that I’m beginning to shrink out of what I’ve got (FINALLY!) so we’ll need to buy more soon. For someone who wears panties maybe twice a month in the winter (a little more in the summer), I’m oddly excited. 🙂

  2. I d just had lots of pretty underwear bought for me, they’re beautiful but not very comfortable! For day to day wear I need comfort and that usually means cute rather than lacy!

  3. i always wore basic white bikinis, until i met my husband….. when everything changed. he started buying all my clothes, especially the clothes i wore to work. i “found” myself wearing bright colored, lacy pushup bras, thongs, garter belts and stockings under my business suits. it felt so naughty but ohhhh so nice!

  4. I do love lace . . . knickers and bras . . . but they are always reserved for “special occasions” or club-nights etc. because generally I find them not practical, or comfortable, to wear all day at the office.
    And, just like you, black is my preferred option because as you say it’s just easy. (Particularly when rushing around in the morning!)
    Xxx – K

  5. I am a fan of comfort too, so I wear basic sets and bras without wires most days. The pretty things are set aside for special occasions…when I’m willing to be uncomfortable for awhile. I just wish they made more pretty things that felt good.

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