My Five Senses

Sensuality (The 5 Senses) – Whatever your sensual situation may be, consider what part your senses play or have played in your erotic life. How might you want to experience them in ways that you haven’t yet? Focus on one or all.

What are the five senses?

Before I even wanted to think about an answer (or answers) to the question above, I decided to mention the five senses first. So what are the five senses us humans have?

Humans have five basic senses: touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste. The sensing organs associated with each sense send information to the brain to help us understand and perceive the world around us.
~ LiveScience

The website also mentioned another sense, in addition to the above five, which is proprioception, or the sense of space. I will disregard that for now.

My five senses


I am not one to try new tastes, as there is a kind of ‘fear’ in me that it might not taste nice, and that I won’t be able to get the bad taste out of my mouth. For this very reason, it took me quite some time in my life before I first sucked a man’s dick, and until deep in my thirties before I first allowed a man to come in my mouth. Ever since I have done that for the first time, I have mostly enjoyed swallowing a man’s semen. I say mostly, because there are times when I am not in the right frame of mind, and then I don’t like the taste.

Another thing I really like is the taste of another woman, and this is something I want much more of in my life!


Mostly I choose to block out any sight in sexy encounters, as I frequently have my eyes closed. Whether I’m fucking or being flogged, I close my eyes. It heightens my sense of touch, but also puts me more n the moment than when I would keep my eyes open. However, there are moments when I really like to have my eyes open, and one of those moments that comes to mind is when Master T and I kiss, and it’s one of those soft, lingering, sensual kisses. Sight, to me, is not one of the senses I always want to use during sexy encounters.

Some years ago we started dating with other people, and it has taken me several dates before I dared to look when other’s were fucking or when someone was being fingered or sucked. I always felt like I am ‘intruding’ when I watch, and it took a while before I realized that when I watch, I am more a part of what’s happening.


The least important sense to me is smell. Yes, I love to smell him when I have his cock in my mouth, or just the smell of him when I lay in his arms, or even to smell myself on my own fingers, but it doesn’t awake any butterflies in my tummy. Smelling him, whether I’m sucking him or just resting in his arms, calms me, but it’s not a conscious thing. I just feel content.


I referenced flogging above, and one thing I really like when I am being flogged and I have my eyes closed, is to listen to the ‘swish’ of the flogger and to anticipate when it will impact with my skin, and how hard. I love listening to my squelching cunt while he fingers me, or to hear his loud breathing the closer he gets to orgasm. Those sounds awaken something in me that make me want more sex, even if I already had several orgasms.


I think of all the senses, touch is the most important to me. No, I don’t think it. I know it.

I am one of those people that like to touch others when I talk. Not in such a way that it’s creepy, but I will touch an arm or a shoulder at least once during a conversation. Okay, I don’t do this with strangers or with most colleagues, but when I feel some kind of connection, I do. And yes, I don’t mind to be touched either, as long as it’s not in a creepy way.

Because I love touch so much, obviously I also like a sensual touch… fingers circling my nipples, or pinching them… fingers in my mouth, forcing me to suck them, with or without my juices on them… fingers in my cunt, drawing one orgasm after the other from me… and yes, fingers in my ass.

Another kind of touch I like is a massage… if you want to totally melt my insides, give me a massage.

Touch definitely is the favorite of my five senses.

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6 thoughts on “My Five Senses

  1. I too love most the sense of touch. And I tend to close my eyes to focus on it more in sexual situations. It is so interesting how we all experience our senses in so many different ways.

  2. So interesting how we experience the world and our sexual worlds 🙂 sometimes I am so aware of the smell of my own arousal I worry others might be able to smell it too, and well if that’s at work that’s awkward!! But it also feeds into a humiliation or naughty/misbehaving fantasies so I get more aroused, more aware of my smell and well…. work becomes challenging then

  3. Love this post Marie – must have a look at the new challenge from Brigit. Your least import sense is my most important – but it is good to all be different x

  4. Thanks. It’s so interesting to hear how others perceive their senses. This was a great response to the prompt. I realize from reading others entries how much I actually like Smell. I love the smell of Stefan after a long night- slight body oder- I curl up under his arm and it makes me hot all over again! LOL


  5. This is a lovely insightful post Marie. I was the same about sucking a mans cock and having his semen in my mouth. Only to find that I enjoy it very much. The senses are important, and different ones come to the fore depending on the situation.

  6. I’m with you on the sense of smell. I really hafta be in a mood to wanna use the sense more than the others.
    Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed reading ?

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