Rebel’s Top 20 of ’18

It’s nearly the end of another year. This time last year I looked back on a year of so much hardship, which — even though I hoped it wouldn’t — has carried over into 2018. However, despite Master T being physically worse now than he was in the beginning of the year, both him and I are better mentally. At least that’s something good of this year, but it’s not the only thing. He and I have reconnected, we are occasionally having sex again and hey, we went to Eroticon this year and are going again in 2019!

I look back on this year with a lighter heart than I did when I looked back on 2017. Where back then I was afraid to leave my mom behind in 2017, I now know that I carry her in my heart forever, wherever I go.


Of course a couple of lists have been done again this year, as it happens every year. I have been mentioned on some of those, and I am very grateful for that!

  • I am back on the Kinkly list of The Top 100 Sex Blogging Superheroes of 2018 which made me smile.
  • Kilted Wookie does a list every year too, and he blew me away when he gave me (as well as Molly and Kayla) ‘Lifetime Membership’ for his Naughty List. Now who won’t want lifetime membership on such a list?
  • The one thing that totally bowled me over and still warms my heart every time I think of it, was when Molly published the list of Top 100 Sex Blogs 2018. Not to sound arrogant, but I knew I would be on this list as I have been on it for years, but what I haven’t expected was to be in the Number ONE position. Top of the list. I cannot express in words what this means to me. It’s like the crown on all my hard work of all the years of blogging, but especially the difficult year I’ve had, where I kept on pushing myself to carry on.
  • May More has done her own list, 2018 Top of the Blogs and More From May and I love being on this one too.
  • A surprise on Christmas Day when Floss did her list of Floss’ Top 20 Lovelies 2018 and I find myself on it. The lovely words to accompany this listing made me smile.

Saying Goodbye

It was with intense sadness that the blogging community learned about the passing of M of Cammies on the Floor. It was terrible when her sister passed away in October 2016, but learning that M too was gone, was just so sad. She and her sister started their website together, and both were so talented. Currently their website is still live and occasionally a post still appears, as M has scheduled it ahead, but I suspect that the website will go down sometime in 2019. M, you will be missed!

Just a few notes

Like I said above, we are nearing the end of another year and just like I did in 2013, in 2014, in 2015, in 2016 and in 2017, this year again I am doing my own top 20 list.

Honestly, this year this list was the most difficult of them all to make. I don’t think there was one year before in which so many new blogs have been started, and new people have joined the community. I love it, love the diversity and the solidarity. Like last year, this year too I thought about making my list not a top 20 but a top 25 or a top 30, but since I started this it was a top 20 list and I want to keep it like this.

This meant that the task was even harder this year than in the previous ones. I wanted to highlight some of the new blogs, and at the same time I wanted to keep most of the previous ones on here too. I couldn’t. I had to make a choice, and finally came up with the list below.

If you have been on my list in past years and you are not on it now, it doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy reading your blog anymore. Far from it! Some people have stopped blogging, others haven’t blogged that much and this counted as reasons why I am not showing those blogs this year. I still stand with the blogs I have chosen in previous years, but this year I have chosen for the 20 blogs I have listed below.

Those mentioned on the list can choose to show the button below on their blogs. If you want it sent to you, please email me.

Rebel's Top 20 of 2018

A to Sub Bee

Last year I mentioned how I have never met Bee before, but how she feels like a friend already. This year at Eroticon I finally met her, and it was as wonderful as I thought it would be! Whenever Bee posts an image, I am in awe. Her images are good, and I know this is not only because of her, but also because her man has a very good eye for detail. The detail can also bee seen in her site, which has the color of honey, and the design totally fits the name ‘Bee’.

Who is Sub Bee?


— 2014 — 2015 — 2016 — 2017 — 2018 —

Aurora Glory

Aurora is a newcomer to my top 20 list. I only really started following her blog when she signed up for the Smut Marathon, and I don’t regret doing so as she is a very talented woman. Aurora doesn’t only write reviews on her blog, but shares beautiful images and writes erotica too. It was wonderful following her in the Smut Marathon and seeing how she grew throughout. I met Aurora at Eroticon, but we didn’t speak much. This is something I want to change in 2019.

Who is Aurora Glory?


— 2018 —

Brigit Delaney

I followed Brigit back when she was still blogging as ‘The Lustful Literate’, and in 2014 that blog was one of the blogs in my top 20 list. However, to me Brigit is a newcomer to this list, because of her new site. I have always been a fan of Brigit’s writing and when you read her stories, you will know why. She has a way with words and knows how to weave a great story. She doesn’t only write fiction, but writes honestly about the problems in her marriage, her mental health, and much more.

Who is Brigit Delaney?


— 2018 —

Cara Thereon

Cara hasn’t only started blogging this year, but this year (thanks to the Smut Marathon), I have discovered her writing and I am in awe of her talent to weave a story. It doesn’t matter whether it’s sci fi or detectives or drama, she can write a story and her words totally pull you in. At Eroticon 2018 I had the privilege of meeting this kind woman in person, and I already look forward to seeing her again next year. And not only her words, but also her images will wow you!

Who is Cara Thereon?


— 2018 —


For the second year Eye features on my list. I love this woman. She is gentle and kind and sweet and sexy and… what has been so important to me this year… supporting. Eye went through her own hardships this year with the passing of her father and even then she had kind words for me. A strong woman I admire! I still remember our talk at Eroticon 2018, where she was so understanding and passed some of her strength and resilience on to me.

Who is Eye?


— 2017 — 2018 —


Whenever Exposing40 blogs, I want to add her post to my #SoSS posts. Whatever she writes make sense and her photos are so good. She’s creative and the way she collaborates with other people, putting them at ease, taking stunning images and sharing them, is just wonderful. I am also a bit in awe of her travels and the things she experiences in her life.

Who is Exposing40?


— 2015 — 2016 — 2017 — 2018 —

F Dot Leonora

On of the most supporting members of the sex blogging community is F Dot. Her enthusiasm about the works of others always shines through, she retweets the posts and memes of others and she’s just lovely on all fronts. She’s also the host of the Friday Flash meme, something you really should participate in if you haven’t done so yet! I can tell you one thing: when you meet F Dot in person, you will be showered by her positivity and love!

Who is F Dot Leonora?


— 2014 — 2015 — 2016 — 2017 — 2018 —

Floss Does Life

Floss was number 2 on Molly’s list of Top 100 Sex Blogs 2018, but that’s not the reason she’s on my list. Even if she didn’t feature on Molly’s list, she would have been on mine. Floss came to my attention (yes, this seems to be a theme) when she entered for the Smut Marathon 2018. I was almost devastated when she was knocked out after the second round because I saw potential in her writing. During the year I followed her and watched her getting better and better in her writing and according to me, in the Smut Marathon 2019 she is a force to be reckoned with!

Who is Floss?


— 2018 —

Happy Come Lucky

Honey. Sweet, sweet Honey.

A year ago I said that I have a special bond with her and it’s still the same. When I saw her at Eroticon this year and sat with her on a couch, all I wanted was to lay my head on her shoulder and just… be. Honey has gone through some hard times this year, and I wished so much that I could help her with it, but from personal experience I know that we each have to do it on our own, how hard it might be. Her posts this year were poignant and brilliant, and I am sure that if you go to follow her (if you haven’t been doing so up to now) you will love it as much as I do.

Who is Honey?


— 2015 — 2016 — 2017 — 2018 —

Kayla Lords

Kayla, one of the Queens of the Sex Blogging Community, and someone I look up to! My friend! I have finally met Kayla (and her lovely husband, John Brownstone) at Eroticon 2018 and hugging her was just brilliant. Kayla is friendly and helpful and sexy and kind and such a good blogger and a hard worker in this community. She gives so much to the community with Masturbation Monday, Loving BDSM and The Smutlancer! I promise you: you can learn so much from her!

Who is Kayla Lords?


— 2013 — 2014 — 2015 — 2017 — 2018 —

Kilted Wookie

I looked at my lists of previous years and I was shocked when I realized that Kilted Wookie has never been on them. How could I not have included him? He is one of the few men who blogs, but also one of the few men who blogs honestly about mental health. Reading his posts on cunnilingus and blow jobs always make me squirm in my chair, and this is not because he is a continued supporter of the Oral Sex Project, but because of the details he uses. Kilted Wookie runs the weekly Food for Thought Friday meme, where you can share your thoughts on different subjects.

Who is Kilted Wookie, also know as The Zen Nudist?


— 2018 —

Master’s Pleasing Bitch

If there is someone that has earned all my respect this year, it’s Julie or MPB of Master’s Pleasing Bitch. Her journey with cancer, a mastectomy and the honest and frank way in which she blogs about it… well, I admire her. Her, and her strength, and the wonderful way in which her Master supports her. Julie is a fighter, and a huge example to so many of us!

Who is MPB?


— 2018 —

Molly’s Daily Kiss

Molly, the Queen of Queens of the Sex Blogging Community… my example… my sister from another mother.. my secret consultant… my friend. From the moment I ‘joined’ the sex blogging community I felt a connection with Molly. She’s sexy and supportive, eloquent and elegant. Molly is the most supportive member of the blogging community and it’s no wonder that she’s known by so many. Not only does she share sexy words and images on her blog, but she also runs Sinful Sunday, Kink of the Week and e[lust] and she’s Director of Operations of Eroticon. But this is only a tip of the iceberg…

Who is Molly Moore?


— 2013 — 2014 — 2015 — 2016 — 2017 — 2018 —

My Controlled Ascent

Kisungura is the seventh newcomer in my list and one of the new bloggers that has made me so happy that they have joined our special community. When she writes, I hang on her words, whether it’s fiction, about her sexual experiences or about her mental health. She writes honestly about everything and in such a way that her words draw you in. So many times I have read her words and saw myself (us) in them, like her thoughts about when their D/s seems to move to the background, the doubts she has in herself and how she finds her strength back again. But also her posts about mental health have helped me enormously with getting in touch with my own feelings.

Who is Kisungura?


— 2018 —

Pain As Pleasure

I don’t think I will ever tire of reading Bibulous One’s experiences with professional sexy workers – dominant and submissive. So many times I read his post and think: I want this too, but then I think about how much I fear the cane, and how I think I will never be able to handle as much as he does. But still, a girl can dream. Sometimes I even think of asking B1 for a spanking session, but I quickly dismiss the though too, as I will never be able to ask. I will just keep on reading about his experiences, and place myself in his place, fueling my fantasies. You should read him too…

Who is Bibulous One?


— 2016 — 2017 — 2018 —


If you want to read the stories of an incredibly talented erotica writer, you have to read Ella Scandal’s stories. Man oh man, can this woman write! No matter what the prompt, she crafts you a story, but her stories that really get to me are the darker ones. They are good, so good that shivers run down my spine when I read them, and I go all wet. You will find some product reviews on Ella’s site too, but honestly, I go there for the erotica!

Who is Ella Scandal?


— 2017 — 2018 —

Sex Matters

May More is the next newcomer to my list, and someone that has made her mark in the sex blogging community during this year. She did incredibly well during the Smut Marathon, going from writing very little fiction to ending in fifth place out of the 87 writers that started this race. But it’s not only because of he achievement in the marathon that she is on my list. No, also for what she writes, where she dares to tackle subjects many shy away from, and her enormous support for others in the community, whether it’s pointing people to blog posts of fellow writers or tweeting her favorite Sinful Sunday entries.

Who is May More?


— 2018 —


The last newcomer to my list is Submissy, who from the moment I started reading her blog, had my attention. I love the way she writes about her D/s relationship with HisLordship, and how many times I recognize things in there that are in our D/s relationship. Not only her open and honest words, but also her images are composed in the most appealing way, whether they are for Christmas or taken outside in the woods.

Who is Submissy?


— 2018 —

The Other Livvy

From the moment Livvy started sharing her pregnancy photos, every Sinful Sunday I couldn’t wait to see it. It was brilliant to see her body change and I think every woman who had children, including me, thought back on our own pregnancies. Besides the images, Livvy also shared her journey in words, talking about the three trimesters and her thoughts about giving birth. Where much of her blog in 2018 has been about waiting for their little girl to be born, this is not all you will find on Livvy’s blog. When she writes a post about whatever subject, you see her heart in her words. And, she crafts beautiful erotic stories, as you have seen in the Smut Marathon, where she ended in sixth place overall.

Who is Livvy?


— 2015 — 2016 — 2017 — 2018 —

Wriggly Kitty

Wriggly Kitty was a newcomer to my list in 2017, but there was no way I wasn’t going to put her on the list again this year. Last year I said she intrigues me and I hoped to meet her one day. She still intrigues me, and I have ‘met’ her (I still see us standing on the corner of that street in Camden when she told me who she is). I love the way in which WK writes about her relationships, how she explores her own boundaries, and shares her feelings on how she reacted to different situations. Just like last year, I still love the design of her blog!

Who is Wriggly Kitty?


— 2017 — 2018 —

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19 thoughts on “Rebel’s Top 20 of ’18

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  2. Hé bizzie bee,

    Beste wensen, alsnog, voor dit jaar hè! Dat het -als je er in 2020 op terugkijkt- toch maar een mooi jaar genoemd mag worden.


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  4. I am so grateful to be included on your list, your kind words about my blog and work really moved me. Thank you for all your support and wish I could give you a proper hug! Lots of xxx for now.

  5. Great round up Marie – definitely 20 of the best in our corner of the community. Glad to hear that, despite hardship this year, some relationship things are turning a corner for you. I very much hope Master T sees a health improvement very soon x

  6. One of these days, Marie, I will finally meet you , and I will hug you like a sister. So many years of reading and commenting and supporting, you have become a dear friend. Thank you.

  7. Thank you so much. In the midst of one of my darker spells, this means so much.

    I hope that things continue to improve for you and Master T in the coming year and far beyond.


  8. I’m thrilled! Thank you, Rebel. You truly are a joy and a delight in every way. The most supportive person I know and so appreciated. Bless you and may 2019 be everything you need.

  9. I can not tell you how thrilled I am to be on your list this year – Thank you so much for keeping up with my blog and putting it in your personal top 20 xx

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