SVAKOM Echo Clitoral Stimulator

Svakom approached me with the request to do a review of one of their products. They were kind enough to allow me to choose which product I want to receive and not long after I received the SVAKOM Echo Clitoral Stimulator (Echo).

Packaging & Contents

The Echo comes in a black box with a sleeve around it. On the sleeve is an image of the Echo. When you open the box, the Echo lies right on top, and lifting off this top layer, below you find the USB charger cable, the toy bag (big enough for the toy and the cable), an instruction booklet, a booklet showing other SVAKOM products and a product registration card. You can use this registration card to validate a 1 year warranty/10 years quality guarantee covering all manufacturing defects.

Shape ‘n Size & Material

The Echo fits in the palm of my hand. Its size is 88×39×30mm and it weighs only 38 grams. The material — phthalates free environment friendly ABS — feels soft to the touch, like velvet. Inside the toy there is a lithium battery which takes one hour to charge, for one hour of pleasure with the Echo. The USB cable can be pushed into the tiny hole at the bottom of the toy.

How does it work?

On the bottom inside of the toy there is a silver button with an arrow on either end — the up and down buttons. To switch the toy on (or off), any of these buttons can be pushed for 2 seconds. Push up to get more intense vibrations and down for less intense. Double click the buttons to run through the five vibration modes, or the five vibration intensities.

My experience with & opinion of the product

I switched the Echo on, and the first thing that really surprised me was the sound. It’s SO quiet. I ran through the different vibrations and intensities, but decided to settle on the continuous vibration (I don’t like patterns) and if I remember correctly, the second intensity. It was pleasurable.

Next step was to put the Echo to use by stimulating my clit. This toy is shaped perfectly to fit the rounding of my vulva, and the tip of it just touched my clitoris. The vibrations were perfect. I left the toy there (I love to play ‘handsfree’) but when I wanted more intensity, but had to move the toy away from my clitoris to find the buttons.

You see, the buttons is not situated in a logical place. They are at the bottom, inside curve of the toy and it would have been better had they been on the top, where one could easily reach it. However, when you hold the toy in your hand when you play, you can keep your thumb on the button and easily switch between vibrations and intensity.

Personally I think I will use this toy in two instances: to get me ‘warmed up’ or to ‘finish it off’. Having to interrupt the stimulation to change the vibration is just too much of a distraction. However, if I am on the brink of an orgasm and need just a bit more, the Echo will definitely come in handy to add just that extra bit of stimulation!

Another thought I had when testing the toy is to slip it in my panties and just let it buzz away. I think the stimulation will be quite interesting during writing, or maybe even driving.

Where to buy?

You can buy the SVAKOM Echo Clitoral Stimulator from Amazon for 35 US dollars.

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