Old & New #SoSS #59

Here we are… the last #SoSS post for this year. I glanced up at the number ’59’ and suddenly frowned. How can it be fifty-nine when I have only started doing #SoSS in 2018? It made me go back to my very first #SoSS post, and I was a bit flabbergasted that I have started doing these posts in November 2017. In past months I have frequently said that I miss parts of the past 17 months, that huge chunks are gone. I was like a freight train waiting for a crash to happen… was… thankfully.

Here, at this time of the year, I think it’s normal for us all to be reflective. To look back on the year that was and look forward to the year that lies ahead. To think of things we want to do. To make plans, how big or small they might be. I am no different. It’s my plans, my goals that pull me through difficult times; that keep me focused. But it’s also being part of this wonderful community.

Over here in the Netherlands we talk about ‘Old and New’ when we refer to New Year’s Eve. “What are you doing on Old & New?’ is the question opposed to ‘What are you doing on New Year’s Eve?’. I think this is quite a nice way to refer to it: Old & New, as it places you in the moment — looking back and looking forward.

That said, I want to wish all of you a wonderful 2019, and want to thank you for your support in 2018, as you were very much part of what pulled me through this year.

And now, before the tears come, let’s get on with this last #SoSS of 2018!

Sexy writing

When she writes, her words pull me in, move me, make me want to do… whatever it is she’s writing about. This time Honey wrote I want you and of course now I want cock… bit not just any cock.

I am not one for humiliation or role play, but there is one thing that triggers me: to be inspected, preferably in a ‘medical’ way. When I read Submissy’s post Welcome to my workshop, little doll, which is essentially about erotic humiliation, all my boxes were ticked. God, I love this!

Another post that totally pulled me in this week is Catharsis by Kisungura. To just be in the moment, to feel the mix of pleasure of pain, of wanting to come but not allowed too. This is a brilliant post!

Hot images

I have always loved following Jane on Behind the Chintz Curtain, and here she is again as a guest post on Tabitha Rayne’s site, with a lovely image called Small Change.

Adored by Nikki is such a stunning image. Just look at that body and tattoos! Gorgeous!

Have you seen Cat’s smile? You just have to look at her image, Santa Came. When you look at her smile, and I would love for her to be my Santa!


Prompts are a great way to inspire you to write a new post. These are the ones currently running:

Meme Prompt Date(s) to link
Masturbation Monday Week 226 (Marie Rebelle) 28 Dec 2018 to 1 Jan 2019
Wicked Wednesday Prompt #344: Vignette 29 Dec 2018 to 3 Jan 2019
Food for Thought Friday #79 – Festive Fun and Frolics 21 Dec 2018 to 3 Jan 2019
Friday Flash A Holiday Invitation 24 Dec 2018 to 5 Jan 2019
#FantasySmutFriday Week 11 — A New Year’s tradition 28 Dec 2018 to 4 Jan 2019
Sinful Sunday Letter F 6 January 2019
Kink of the week Eyes and eye contact 16 to 31 December 2018
Elust #114 Elust submissions September 1 to 8 January 2019

Prompt 343 for Wicked Wednesday was ‘Festivities’ for which 17 posts were linked. The top 3 was done by me and I chose:


Last year we had 87 entries for the Smut Marathon 2018. The entries for the Smut Marathon 2019 have opened two weeks ago, and already we are more than halfway to the number of 2018. There’s always room for more, so I am calling all writers out there to take on this challenge and enter for the Smut Marathon 2019. Come on, it will be fun, but besides fun, you definitely learn more about yourself and your writing. Just read what others said about it.

Last but not least

This is the last part of my year in review. It has been a good year, despite personal hardships and some terribly low moments. I look forward to everything 2019 will bring!


Words written: 35.912
Favorite post: Unearthly Sounds
Favorite photo: Chinese Legs
Submitted to elust 111: Finally Together

The Smut Marathon

October was the month of the semi-finals of the Smut Marathon 2018. There were 10 stories that all started with the same nine words, and it was wonderful to read what the writers made of that. Three writers were knocked out of the race, when the seven finalists were announced.

Achievements & mentions in this month


Words written: 50.547
Favorite post: Tap on the Shoulder
Favorite photo: Limitations
Submitted to elust 112: My Eyes Adored You

The Smut Marathon

The final voting round opened at the end of the month, giving us seven incredible stories with World War II as the setting. I was in awe of the quality of the stories.

Achievements & mentions in this month
  • My post, Unearthly Sounds was mentioned in Posy Churchgate’s post Halloween themed Sharing : #SoSS
  • Ella Scandal also mentioned my post, Unearthly Sounds in her roundup, Love Links #21
  • I have been chosen as one of the Top 100 Sex Blogging Superheroes of 2018 by Kinkly. It’s great to be on this list again!
  • The Smut Marathon and my post Competition & Books #SoSS #54 was mentioned in Julie’s post, #SoSS November 2018
  • My post, Connection, No Sex has been chosen by Kayla Lords as one of her top 3 for week 220 of Masturbation Monday.
  • Something that totally blew my mind on the last day of this month, was being in the number 1 spot on Molly’s Top 100 Sex Blogs 2018. I won’t lie, I fully expected to be on the list, as I have been for so many years, but I never once expected the top spot, especially since I moved down to spot 5 in 2017 from spot 3 in 2016. I was so happy, that all I could say over and over again was thank you and thank you and thank you once more. Her words humble me:
    Rebel has been in the top 10 of this list for that last few years as her blog is always of a consistently high standard, however over the last year her writing has taken on a new depth and vulnerability as she has tackled a number of difficult subjects relating to her life including grief, depression and the loss of her sex life due to her husbands illness. She has written about these subjects in such a raw and honest way never shying away from the difficult aspects and that is something I hugely admire about her. As well as this she continues to be a force for good within the community, running Wicked Wednesday and of course this year the amazing Smut Marathon. She absolutely deserves this number one spot for being a truly awesome sex blogger.


Words written: 31.392
Favorite post: Pachelbel
Favorite photo: Balls of Light
Submitted to elust 113: Connection, No Sex

The Smut Marathon

On 2 December 2018 the winner of the Smut Marathon 2018 was announced. Exhibit A won the marathon, with Charlie Powell in second place and Violet in third. Like some of the writers, I also reflected on the Smut Marathon 2018 and the minor changes there will be for the 2019 edition. And then, on 15 December 2018 the entries opened for the Smut Marathon 2019, and I am proud to say that as I am writing this, we are already over halfway to the number of participants who started in 2018.

If you are a writer of erotic stories, no matter your experience level, please sign up for this challenge. It’s a lot of fun! You have more than enough time to write for the assignments, and while you do, you learn a lot about yourself and your writing. Just read about the experiences of 2018 participants.

Achievements & mentions in this month
  • My review for the Queen Bee has been mentioned by Violet Fawkes in her review for the same toy.
  • My post, Fucking Mind, was mentioned by Molly in her post, Trolling the Net #76:
    Lots of what sex bloggers write about it is the really hot sexy, make your cock hard or your cunt wet, stuff but the reality is that sex is not always perfect or magical or happy to even good and writing about that stuff can be particularly difficult. One person who has done it a lot of late is Rebel. It is one of the many reasons she placed in the No.1 spot on the Top 100 Sex Blogs 2018 list, for writing content that tackled those difficult subjects and this post is a perfect example of what I am talking about. It deals with mismatched libidos and also how the submissive mind can work sometimes to the detriment of everything.
  • I am mentioned in several posts after my top 1 position on Molly’s top list (sorry if I miss someone here): Submissy in her post November Review SoSS #8, May More in her post November ~ My Blogging Summary & SoSS as well as another post, 2018 Top of the Blogs and More From May & Mrs Fever in her post Top 100 Sex Blogs of 2018
  • Every year Kilted Wookie does his list of his favorite blogs, and he calls it The Naughty List. Now who doesn’t want to be on such a list? This year he did something different, and together with the fabulous ladies Molly Moore and Kayla Lords, he has given me permanent membership of the list. Such a huge surprise and honor!
    I want to do something a little bit different and recognise the special contribution of three remarkable women who, I think there is a certain justification in saying, are pretty much the backbone of this community. Their tireless contributions through the memes and other projects they run are the inspiration for many of us.
  • My story, Pachelbel, was mentioned in Kat Kinx’s #SoSS post of 16 December
  • My post, Permanent Mark has been mentioned by Floss in her post [Life] Grief and Tattoos
  • Another mention by Floss, this time in her post Floss’ Top 20 Lovelies 2018:
    Rebels Notes – I should be furious with Marie, because she totally kept me off the No.1 spot on Molly’s list this year, as I said in my reflections on that list though I am actually so honoured to be one spot behind her. Marie not only provides a lot of wonderfully varied content but she also works tirelessly for our sex blogging community. Her writings on grief have moved me to tears this year and inspired me to write about my own experiences. Marie also hosts Wicked Wednesday and the Smut Marathon, both of which are dear to my heart. Entries for the Smut Marathon are open now, why don’t we thank Marie for all her hard work by making the 2019 Smut Marathon even more epic than this years. Three recommended posts from Marie’s Site are … Touch of Pink, Unearthly Sounds and Permanent Mark.
  • Mentioned in Julie’s post, Looking back at 2018 in relation to Wicked Wednesday, the Smut Marathon and my Top 20 of ’18 list
  • Mentioned in the post F4TFriday – 2018 In Review as one of the top 10 contributors for the Food for Friday meme.
  • My image, Countdown, has been used as the prompt for Masturbation Monday week 226, the last prompt for 2018.
  • Mentioned in Kisungura’s post 2018 reflections
  • Mentioned in Jayne Renault’s post An Open Love Letter to 2018
  • My posts Top 20 of ’18 and Reflecting & Planning have been mentioned by Floss in her post [#SoSS] Round-Ups and Reflections on 2018
  • A mention by the lovely Cara Thereon, in her post The Tail End:
    Rebel: managing Wicked Wednesday and the yearlong spectacular that is Smut Marathon, she is the sweetest woman you’ll ever talk to online. Also encouraging even when her own personal life has been tough, she is a joy.
  • Mentioned in Kayla Lords’ post, 2018 Sex Blogger Love:
    Molly was the first person to inspire me to be more active in the sex blogging community, and Marie Rebelle was my second. Thanks to her Wicked Wednesday meme, I got the bright idea for Masturbation Monday. We bonded in the early days over our D/s similarities, but our affection for each other quickly grew beyond that. I admire her work ethic and drive, and look forward to the day when all her hard work in the sex blogging community pays off in all the ways she wants it to.
  • I made Exposing40’s 40 over 40 list, and I love it!
    Marie Marie, how do you get everything done?! It’s been said in more than one round-up this year than you, Molly and Kayla are some kind of super women. Thank you for all you do, for all you wonderful comments and congratulations on the Smut Marathon success. I look forward to 2019’s!
  • Mentioned in Submissy’s post, 2018 Review.

© Rebel’s Notes


3 thoughts on “Old & New #SoSS #59

  1. Old and New encapsulates the best of how one can feel about the heralding in of the New Year – I think I’ll adopt it!

    Thank you for mentioning me, I did love making my #SoSS posts with feature interviews, although I am now going to create them monthly rather than weekly in the future. I love to read what other bloggers have written and there is so much great material. The meme you host and others within this community are invaluable.

    I wish you an improvement to your spirits and fortunes in 2019. Thank you for your continued support Marie.

    1. I love your interviews, Posy and it will be great if you continue with those. Thank you for your support too! xox

  2. Wow, what a year. I hope that 2019 brings more ups than downs for you. I love the idea of ‘Old & New’!

    Thank you for the mention and thank you for being such a prolific SOSS’er.


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