Christmas & Memories #SoSS #58

Only three more days and it will be Christmas. My second Christmas without my mom, the first where I feel a remote bit of peace (post on that to follow). This year our Christmas looks very much different from other years. Every year, somewhere in October we always started making plans for Christmas. Mostly everyone came over here and Master T would cook and we will all be together and eat together, and then on Boxing Day (or second Christmas day as they call it here), we would have a peaceful day as we always have to work again on the 27th.

Last year I didn’t want to celebrate Christmas at all. We ended up having dinner at our daughter’s, and we were happy that it was done. We had tried to make it clear that Christmas holds no appeal for us anymore, and this year finally it seems as if we have been heard. We have not been asked about our plans. My daughter has even arranged to go to her parents-in-law on Christmas Day, something that in all the past years would have been unheard of, as that was ‘my’ day. This year on Christmas Eve all children will be gone, and Master T and I will go out to our favorite restaurant in the city. Just the two of us. Then, on Christmas Day we will have a quiet day, probably with a special dinner, but nothing major. And, on Boxing day my daughter and her family will be here for coffee and cake, and then Christmas will be over.

In my mind everyone should be able to celebrate Christmas the way they want to, and even not celebrate if they don’t want to. So, wherever you are, and however you celebrate it or not, I want to wish you all a very merry Christmas!

Sexy writing

The further I read into Nikki’s post, Cake vs Bottom, the bigger my smile became. Seriously, this must have been SO much fun!

She wanted to watch him, and watch him she did, while he gave her a little show under the tree. Read Trimming the Tree by Lascivious Lucy for some hot erotic fiction!

Hot images

This week, since it’s almost Christmas, I want to highlight some Christmas themed images that were share for Sinful Sunday:

  • X is for Xmas by Missy of Focused and Filthy
  • Angel by Molly of Molly’s Daily Kiss
  • Tied with Love by Kisungura of My Controlled Ascent
  • On the Naughty List by PurpleSole of Purple’s Gem
  • Temptation by Helen Scott


Prompts are a great way to inspire you to write a new post. These are the ones currently running:

Meme Prompt Date(s) to link
Masturbation Monday Week 225 (Kilted Wookie) 21 to 26 December 2018
Wicked Wednesday Prompt #343: Festivities 22 to 27 December 2018
Food for Thought Friday #79 – Festive Fun and Frolics 21 to 27 December 2018
Friday Flash No. 36 — Star on Top 17 to 24 December 2018
#FantasySmutFriday Week 10 — A very special Christmas gift 21 to 27 December 2018
Sinful Sunday Letter F 6 January 2019
Kink of the week Eyes and eye contact 16 to 31 December 2018
Elust #114 Elust submissions September 1 to 8 January 2019

Prompt 342 for Wicked Wednesday was ‘Time’ for which 30 posts were linked. The top 3 was done by May More and she chose:


If you are still in doubt about entering the Smut Marathon 2019, maybe Floss’s post [Smut Marathon] You say “Goodbye” and I say “Hello, hello, hello” will help you to make a decision. Come on, join in!

Tips & tricks

So you want to make money with your blog, or you are already and you want to keep track of your income? Then Kayla Lords and The Smutlancer has this for you: 3 Downloadable Tools to Track Your Smutlancer Income.

Do you like the look of rope bondage and would you want to learn how to do it? The read the post Rope Bondage Resources for Newbies by John Brownstone on the Loving BDSM site!

Last but not least

The third part of my year 2018 in review…
(And just a note here: I have fixed the last week’s post, where I had the headings for the Smut Marathon, but never put any information under those headings…)


Words written: 38.828
Favorite post: Her Smell
Favorite photo: Double Dip
Submitted to elust 108: The Forbidden Beach

The Smut Marathon

Round 6 happened this month, where the writers had only two words as their assignment: “fortune cookie”. Some lovely stories were shared, and at the end of the round 5 writers were knocked out of the race.

Achievements & mentions in this month
  • My organizing Wicked Wednesday and the Smut Marathon is mentioned in Posy’s post, #SoSS Share the Talent, share the Joy
  • My image, Double Dip was chosen as one of Molly’s top 3 for the July 2018 prompt, Sinful Sunday week 377:
    Yes I have a thing for socks but this images is way more than just socks. At first glance it appears to be one image split in two, which I believe it is but the way they two halves have been edited is genius and the black socks and the harsh black frame work perfectly together to create a visually and sexually stimulating image.
  • My post, A Fraud has been included in The Barefoot Sub’s #SoSS post.
  • My post, Young & Old, was mentioned in Molly’s post Trolling the Net #67:
    I have a thing for both watching and being watched but when it comes to masturbation being watched really fucking turns me on and this story taps straight into that kink and it comes with an added little extra of being about an older woman and younger man.
  • My post, Naturally Me, was mentioned in Sub Bee’s post Whats the Buzz #7:
    I admire everyone who posts images of themselves, I love to see all the different images and edits that people use. Sometimes though I just like seeing the realness of images, the ones that say ‘this is me and I’m not ashamed’. This is one of those images. Nothing but natural, unashamed beauty.


Words written: 34.407
Favorite post: It Happened On Friday Night
Favorite photo: Show Off
Submitted to elust 109: Masked Woman

The Smut Marathon

In the seventh round the writers had to craft a story using an image. The creativity of the writers was so surprising, giving us 18 lovely stories, but only 15 of those writers advanced to the next round.

Achievements & mentions in this month

I was incredibly surprised when I noticed that there are no points to mention here, and I can’t remember if I just forgot to make notes of post or if none of my posts have been mentioned this month. My mind wasn’t always in the right place, which might also be a clarification why there is nothing here.


Words written: 40.850
Favorite post: Next Time
Favorite photo: Curved Back
Submitted to elust 110: Live Your Desire

The Smut Marathon

This was the month of the eighth round of the Smut Marathon, where the writers had to write a story about a man and a woman stuck in a lift. Dialog had to be used. Even though this wasn’t an easy assignment, the writers did really well. At the end of this round 4 writers had to leave the marathon.

Achievements & mentions in this month
  • My image, Happy Valley was chosen as one of the top 5 images of week 386 of Sinful Sunday:
    As I said in my intro there is a very narrow shallow depth of field to work with when taking a macro shot and Rebel’s image shows that perfectly as you can clearly see how the focal point runs across her labia and picks up just a small part of her piercing whilst everything else melts into a soft blur. It is such a beautifully done shot and one that must have been surprisingly tricky to do.
  • My post, Taking All Of It, was chosen by Lascivious Lucy as one of the top 3 for week 211 of Masturbation Monday.
  • Mentioned on Amy’s list of bisexual bloggers
  • My image, Bodyguard was mentioned in Bee’s post, What’s the buzz #9:
    Red appears to the colour of this round up. I love how the colour appears to envolope Marie, hugging her close and the way it stands out against the backdrop is stunning.
  • Not one, but three of my stories (a series) have been mentioned by May in her post September ~ My Blogging Summary & SOSS. Those posts are Not Done Yet, Next Time and Finally Together.

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