Music & Reflection #SoSS #57

This past week music has been on my mind, not only because of the last Wicked Wednesday prompt, but also because of the music on the radio. I suspect it’s the same in all countries, that different radio station run different ‘top lists’ at the end of the year. One of our stations had a Top 1000, currently I am listening to the Top 4000 on a golden oldies station and this will last until 24 December, which is perfect as the list of lists start on our favorite station on Christmas day – the Top 2000! Some of you may remember that always on New Year’s Eve I tweet the best numbers as they are played on the radio… and this year will be no different.

Where music can be sexy, and sexy stories can come from it, I have a different kind of sexiness for you below…

Sexy writing

There is so much energy in Entertain Me, a sexy story by of Ella Scandal, that once you start reading you don’t want to stop anymore.

Reading this piece by A Scene With Myself – Honey’s story by @ht_honey on the site of Bibulous One, I realized how much I miss feeling pain…

Just like many other people, I am a lover of music with a good rhythm, which is why Melody’s post , The Beat of the Music made me smile, and long to be spanked to the rhythm of a good piece of music!

Mmm a gangbang… this is one of my fantasies, to be part of a gangbang but I don’t want to know who else is part of it. I just want to be… used. Thebarefootsub tapped right into that fantasy of mine with her story Backstage Girl.

Hot images

An striking and sexy image with only shades of white and blue in it, is Kinky and Perky’s image a crack in everything. I love everything about this image!

Do you know how to play chess? I do, but one thing I have never been able to do is to put someone on Checkmate, or to play it naked like Jo does in her image.

A simply stunning image, showing off an early Christmas present, is Honey’s Chained. The chain, her mound, the black and white… it’s just stunning.


Prompts are a great way to inspire you to write a new post. These are the ones currently running:

Meme Prompt Date(s) to link
Masturbation Monday Week 224 (Sub Bee) 14 to 18 December 2018
Wicked Wednesday Prompt #342: Time 15 to 20 December 2018
Food for Thought Friday #78 – Bits & Bobs 14 to 20 December 2018
Friday Flash No. 35 — Two Saints
No. 36 — Prompt to follow
9 to 16 December 2018
16 to 23 December 2018
#FantasySmutFriday Week 9 — “I know you were watching me/us.” 14 to 20 December 2018
Sinful Sunday Letter F 6 January 2019
Kink of the week Collars 1 to 16 December 2018
Elust #114 Elust submissions September 1 to 8 January 2019

Prompt 341 for Wicked Wednesday was ‘Song Title’ for which 33 posts were linked. The top 3 was done by Kilted Wookie and he chose:


Today the entries for the Smut Marathon 2019 opened. If you are a writer and you want a challenge, this is the competition you should enter. Yes, I know I am biased, but if you read what some of the 2018 participants have said, you will see why you have to enter!

Last but not least

This is the second part of my year 2018 in review…


Words written: 38.584
Favorite post: Prompted! A Catastrophe?
Favorite photo: Hotel Nudity
Submitted to elust 105: Life… grief, depression and disability

The Smut Marathon

In the third round of the Smut Marathon 2018 the writers had to write a story about an imperfect character. No writers had to leave at the end of this round. In total 39 writers went through to the next round. This month we also announced Sexy Little Pages and Doxy as sponsors, as well as opend the fourth voting round.

Achievements & mentions in this month


Words written: 24.146
Favorite post: Underdoggy
Favorite photo: Black Band
Submitted to elust 106: Do You Still Know How?

The Smut Marathon

We announced the results of the fourth voting round, and also presented another two sponsors: Tabitha Rayne and Rocks Off as well as Satisfyer.

Achievements & mentions in this month


Words written: 32.654
Favorite post: Man In Black
Favorite photo: The Look of Love
Submitted to elust 107: How and If to Continue

The Smut Marathon

This month was all about the fifth round: the voting and the results.

Achievements & mentions in this month

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