Doms & Review #SoSS #56

It seems some post with a D/s dynamic caught my attention this past week, and I have to admit, I really loved reading those. Since our D/s is currently in a slumbering phase, I sort of live off the things others share.

Please allow me to apologize ahead for this week’s post, as well as that of the coming three weeks. In the last years I have started the habit to look back on my year, and to have favorite posts — mine and those of others — in a roundup at the end of the year. Since I have been doing regular #SoSS posts, the review part now is only about my own blog, which includes those posts where I have been mentioned by others. Let’s just say, starting this week, we are reliving my year.

But first, my favorite posts of the last week, as well as the prompts for the coming week(s).

Sexy writing

Oh I am really a sucker for stories like this, where the sub challenges the dominant, even though I rarely ever do it. Kisungura has captured it perfectly in her story, Kiss My Ass.

Another lovely post showing a D/s dynamic is the one Julie has written, Control through sex. I love the love between these two!

A Dom that allows his sub to dominate him, is what DOMMEination by PurpleSole is about. I love how he has conveyed his thoughts and feelings in this post.

Hot images

LSB posted a gorgeous image — the light, her body, her nails — called Hidden Depths.

Cuntella is just such a gorgeous woman and this image, I am not… is proof of that!

During prompt weeks her images are never chosen for the top 5, but Molly is such a brilliant photographer and I love her entry for last week’s Sinful Sunday, called Frozen in Time. It deserves to be mentioned too!


Prompts are a great way to inspire you to write a new post. These are the ones currently running:

Meme Prompt Date(s) to link
Masturbation Monday Week 223 (Cara Thereon) 7 to 11 December 2018
Wicked Wednesday Prompt #341: Song title 8 to 13 December 2018
Food for Thought Friday #77 – The Things We Do 7 to 13 December 2018
Friday Flash No. 34 — Vintage Pin
No. 35 — Two Saints
2 to 9 December 2018
9 to 16 December 2018
#FantasySmutFriday Week 8 — “Were you just… masturbating?” 7 to 13 December 2018
Sinful Sunday Prompt to follow 6 January 2019
Kink of the week Collars 1 to 16 December 2018
Elust #114 Elust submissions September 1 to 8 January 2019

Prompt 340 for Wicked Wednesday was ‘Porn Site’ for which 18 posts were linked. The top 3 was done by Thebarefootsub and she chose:


The Smut Marathon 2018 is done. We have a winner and two runners up, and any day now they will receive their prizes. In the meantime the planning for 2019 is on the website, and the entries for 2019 will open next weekend!

Want to win a toy for Christmas? Participate in Aurora’s Christmas Giveaway. There’s only five days left!

Tips & tricks

We’re heading for Christmas, and just like other years, Charlie Powell has put together a Christmas Gift Guide (of Sorts) for 2018. I absolutely love the thought she puts into these posts, and there really is something here for everyone!

Are you going to Eroticon but you are afraid you might be nothing but a wall flower? Just walk over to the Eroticon 2019 Ambassadors and they will help you to feel welcome and at ease, introduce you to others and show you around.

Last but not least

For this week and the next four weeks, this section will be all about my year in review, as I have also done in the past years. This is a kind of #SoSS too, right…


Words written: 28.227
Favorite post: Ex Trail
Favorite photo: Centered legs
Submitted to elust 102: Hot Chocolate

The Smut Marathon

This month we introduced the writers, but also the jury members of the Smut Marathon 2018.

Achievements & mentions in this month
  • Wicked Wednesday was mentioned in The Zen Nudist’s post, Statistically speaking
  • Rebel’s Notes was mentioned in May More’s post, My 2017 through the looking glass
  • Mr’s Robinson mentioned my post Reflecting on 2017 in her post Mrs. Robinson’s Sharin’ Some Cool Shit (#SOSS 1/2018) (link not available) and this is what she said:
    Marie Rebelle has been blogging for a LONG time! This week, in a reflection of 2017, she opened up in summation of the horrendous year it was. I found myself in tears reading about the struggles she’s faced, her determination to remain positive, and her strength in standing by her man through these very hard times. Relationships are about more than sex and fun times. When you come through hard times together and commit to do the best you can with what you’ve been given, love when it’s most difficult, stick when you want to run, and hold on with all you’ve got til you’re through to the other side – well, that’s what love is really all about. I send all my love and positive thoughts out to Marie and her Master T for 2018. She’s a strong woman who I only know through her blog, but I have so much admiration for her determination and positive attitude.
  • The Smut Marathon 2018 was mentioned in Scandarella’s post, Love Links #9
  • My post, Reading Sex Blogs was mentioned in Jaime Mortimer’s #SoSS post, Share Our Shit Saturday (belated)
  • A post on the Smut Marathon site, Replace Bad has been mentioned by Indigo Byrd in her post Some perils of being a sex blogger
  • My post, Reflecting on 2017 was mentioned by Miss Jezebella in her post Share Our Shit Saturday 13th January 2017 #SoSS
  • The Smut Marathon 2018 was mentioned in CP’s post In the beginning #SoSS
  • Scandarella mentioned Wicked Wednesday in her post, Love Links #10
  • My post, Laura’s Christmas was chosen by John Brownstone in his Masturbation Monday roundup #176:
    I do love a tale that takes you on a roller-coaster of emotions and boy Laura’s Christmas by Marie Rebelle did in a big way. We all have fantasies, and there is usually a one big one that seems to always be there, niggling at you. I want it, I don’t want it, back and forth over and over in your mind. What happens when that big fantasy becomes a reality? Is it embraced with open arms and no regrets that you did it? Or is it the opposite, that it should have been buried away never to see the light of day?
  • My post Scratching An Itch is mentioned by Cammies in her post SOSS 4 and this is what she said about it:
    Marie Rebelle writes a celebration and love of self, the time and patience to heal. At least, that’s how I take the burn out of various lovers who can’t quite scratch the itch that needs to be scratched.
  • My post Visions of Eight is mentioned by Aurora Glory in her post Share Our Shit Saturday – Number 9 and this is what she said about it:
    Eight years running Rebel’s Notes! That is amazing! I hope in just over 6 years time I will be writing a similar blog post. It was wonderful to read a little about the blogging journey she has had. It especially fascinated me as I considered how different the world of blogging was 8 years ago. We have an abundance of blogging advice online now, but it wasn’t so easy for those starting out years ago. Which makes her hard work and determination even more admirable.


Words written: 15.489
Favorite post: Honest
Favorite photo: Moody
Submitted to elust 103: Laura’s Christmas

The Smut Marathon

In February we announced Eroticon as the first sponsor of the Smut Marathon 2018. But, this was also the month of the first round, where the writers had to write a metaphor of no more than 30 words. We started with 87 participants, but only 75 participated in the first round.

Achievements & mentions in this month


Words written: 26.248
Favorite post: Life… grief, depression and disability
Favorite photo: A Third of Me
Submitted to elust 104: Negative

The Smut Marathon

The second round happened this month, and the writers had to use a metaphor from the previous round and write a flash fiction story of no more than 100 words. In total 62 writers sent in their stories, but only 40 writers were allowed to go through to the third round. This month we also announced Godemiche as one of the sponsors.

Achievements & mentions in this month
  • Mentioned in Aurora Glory’s post Sex Bloggers Talking About… Sex Blogging where she said this:
    You don’t have to be a part of the Smut Marathon to benefit from Marie Rebel’s writing advice. If you are interested in having a go at erotica, this may be just the place to get inspired. Marie not only runs the Smut Marathon but also hosts Wicked Wednesday. So, needless to say, when it comes to writing about sex she knows her stuff.
  • An old post of mine, C is for Consent & More, has been mentioned in Miss Doll’s post #SoSS: Let’s talk about consent
  • My post Lips has been mentioned by Molly in her post Trolling the Net #53:
    Rebel dedicated her month to exploring her body through self portrait photography. I really loved looking back through all these because they are such a beautiful series and I picked this one because I love the way her pussy is nestled tight between her thighs and looks like this perfect little triangle partially hidden beneath the back lace.
  • My story, Laura’s Christmas, was mentioned in Mrs. Fever’s posts, Feve’s 5: Examining Fantasy: Sometimes “No” and “Stop” need to be adhered to even when those defenses have been stripped away by previous agreement. In the event those words go unheeded or misconstrued, CNC fantasy-made-reality has the potential to become true trauma. I absolutely applaud Marie Rebelle for putting that possibility out there in this CNC story. (Consider the section above to be a trigger warning. It’s a great piece of writing, but please don’t click if it’s going to be emotionally problematic for you.)
  • I was nominated for the The Mystery Blogger Award by Daylia Catt, but chose not to do a post of my own due to being too busy with other things. I am, however, grateful for the nomination!
  • My post, A Third of Me was chosen as one of the top 5 for the Sinful Sunday prompt week of March:
    Damn this is so sexy, that curve of her waist and the dark pink blush of her nipple through the lace is beautiful. It seems like such a simple image and in many ways it is, but the placement of herself perfectly along the outer line of the rule of thirds grid is spot on.
  • My post, A Hard Caning was chosen by Wriggly Kitty as one of her top 3 for the roundup of week 185 of Masturbation Monday:
    I love reading kink erotica when there’s such a huge element of control, and that “want not want” feeling. And Marie Rebelle handles the story beautifully, weaving in consent and desire until the story hits its, and the character’s, climax.
  • My post, Life… grief, depression and disability was mentioned by Sub Bee in her post Whats the buzz #3:
    This piece resonated with me so much. Losing someone close, expected or not, leaves you reeling and totally lost. How are you ever supposed to enjoy life again? How are you ever supposed to feel again? Then add on top of that the curve balls that life seems to constantly throw at us. How do you cope? What do you have to do? Sometimes being around your people is whats needed, sometimes a damn good beating is what it takes. You have to do whats right for you, even if it doesn’t necessarily feel right.
  • In her #SoSS post for 31 March, Tabitha Rayne mentioned my post Respect & Orgasms #SoSS #20
  • My post, Anal Sex: Is It A Kink?, has been mentioned by Nero Black in his post OPP: #SoSS ~ Anal Sex – Part 2

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  1. Thanks again for including my story and I’m delighted you enjoyed it! You’ve really inspired me to keep tabs on my blog in the new year this way so thank you for that x

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