Sexy People and Us

When I started writing about the sexy people in our lives, by the end I had so many words that I had to split it up in three different posts. The first post was about Major Eric, The Talker and The Traveler and in the second I talked about Master B, Mister Silent and our Northern Friends. Now it’s time for more, and some conclusions.

Sophia and her B

Sophia is my soft spot. There is just something about her that melts my heart, something that makes me lower all my defenses and just be me. She’s kind and friendly and funny and soft and beautiful, and I can’t wait to go away for a weekend with her and her man again. We have done that twice now, and when we met them for lunch in early October, we have set a date for May 2019 to have a weekend with them again.

When we are away with them there’s absolutely no sex between Sophia and Master T or between B and me. No, it’s only between Sophia and me, but it hasn’t been full-on sex yet. I think when we go away for that weekend next year, it will be different for sure. Even so, the intention of that weekend is not sex. The primary goal is to go away together, for them and us to unwind. Oh, and of course we will take a lots of pictures again, as I have been collecting photo props for a photo shoot with Sophia. We are going to have so much fun!

Mister Cub

Mister Cub is the only man whom I have not written about on my site, but this is simply because the first time we met him, we were right in the middle of everything life has thrown us. It was an impulsive move. He and I were talking on Twitter and he mentioned that he was passing by on the highway not far from where we live, on his way home. I suggested a cup of coffee at a hotel next to the highway and maybe an hour or two later we sat across from each other. We have met a couple of times more, and as said in the introduction of this very long post, he popped into our local hangout as a surprise.

Mister Cub also knows our Northern Friends, and has joined the four of us for lunch once. One thing that’s wonderful, just like with the others, is that we can talk openly about our kinks and dates. Mister Cub is very new to BDSM and for is still undecided whether he’s submissive or dominant. The last time we saw him he said he leans more to the dominant side, but I think he’s still not entirely sure.

Will we have a date with him? I think so, but it’s still too early to say. In the end it’s not for me to decide this, but for Master T. However, I have a feeling you will hear and read about Mister Cub more in future, if only to tell you that he has surprised us again with his presence, and that we have spent a lovely evening together, drinking and chatting and laughing.

How did our view change?

I mentioned earlier that we have changed our view regarding meeting people for sexy fun. Some men can only date with us during the week, because their partners don’t know what they are doing, or weekends are for family life. There was a time where we took time off from work to be able to meet one of these men, but it didn’t sit well with either of us. Not because they are fooling around, but we prefer to have sexy dates on weekends. So then, one day, after discussing it, we decided that we were going to stop doing it; that all sexy dates would happen on the weekends. Yes, this means that we cut out some people, but it is what it is. If someone can’t meet us on a weekend, I guess it then just wasn’t meant to be.

Why this roundup of sexy people in our lives?

I guess I just needed to write this, to remember the beautiful people we have in our lives, and also those who has chosen to move on, or where life just happened and they had to move on. There were others too, whom we had fun with and who had chosen a different road than we had, and it’s fine. I am quite content with these people we have in our lives, and with the kids gone within the next couple of years, we will finally be able to invite people over, to bring the fun home, instead of always having to meet in a restaurant or book a hotel room.

There are more people whom we have met through social media, and who we see as our ‘sexy friends’ but in a different way than these I have mentioned above. We also love to spend time with these other people, but they will never feature in a sexy date with us, as that is not the kind of contact we have with them.

This piece of writing was necessary for me to find some kind of closure with some people we have met, but also to realize that we have some very special people in our lives. We might not see them all the time, and might not even have contact with them all the time, but they are there and have been through difficult times too.

Life is beautiful, and I am happy that I can start seeing it again…

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6 thoughts on “Sexy People and Us

  1. It’s always fascinating to hear more about the people in the lives of my online pals, especially those who have a non-monogamous lifestyle x

  2. It’s always fascinating to hear more about the people in the lives of my online pals, especially those who have a non-monogamous lifestyle x

  3. This has been a fascinating peek into your lives, and I’m so glad you shared it with us…and that it helped you remember something so important. ((HUGS))

  4. It is always so interesting to be afforded an insight into other people’s lives. I really enjoyed reading and finding out more about you ?

  5. I agree with EL, this has been an interesting insight into your life and the people you have met along the way. It sounds like there might be some interesting and fun encounters to come.

  6. I have enjoyed seeing all the different constellations you have enjoyed. It is interesting to be able to process and see how other people impact our lives and relationships, no matter how long or short a time they are part of our circles. 🙂

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