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A couple of weeks ago, unexpectedly, Mr. Cub popped up in our local hangout. He was the last person I expected to see there. It turned out Master T had contact with him the night before, and since Mr. Cub said he would like to surprise me, Master T told him where we would be. A surprise it was. Just like two weeks before that, and also four weeks before that, Mister Silent surprised me. Us.

It just so happens that the morning of the day Mr. Cub surprised me (did I have some kind of premonition?), I thought about previous dates we had and where we stand now with the people we have met over the years. I have introduced some people on the blog, but never wrote about them again, and I am only sporadically writing about others.

Of course, lots of this has to do with what we went through in the past two years, and we are still not out of the woods. I have written about it a lot, but to summarize: Master T started having problems with his stump, and those problems are still ongoing. In the beginning phase of this he had panic attacks, stopped driving and stopped going to his work. He works from home, which keeps him ‘sane’, but he also went into a depression. He’s blood is not in order, leaving him very tired and not in the mood for anything. Thankfully all of these things are improving, except for his leg. In 2017, except for taking care of my husband, I also took care of my mom, who died of lung cancer after only six months of intensive hospital visits and admissions. I have still not come to terms with my grief.

While we were dealing with all these things, our sex life was put on the shelf. We had no energy for anything, which also meant no room to meet anyone. Now, two years later, I feel the urge to look back and see where we are, what the status is of the people we have allowed into our lives. This urge comes from the fact that I notice that Master T is gradually (albeit slowly) showing more interest again…

Major Eric

We met Major Eric for the first time in December 2015, and that was also the last time. There was a click, and the intention was to meet him again, but then our view on meeting others for sexy fun changed. More about this later.

I still have contact with him on Twitter, but also not as much as I used to. Not because there are any hard feeling, but this is just the way things have evolved.

The Talker

We met The Talker roundabout the same time we met Major Eric. The click with him was quite intense, so much so that we arranged a date with him, and it was sexy and exciting, even though there were some things that didn’t go as well (you will have to read the posts to see what I’m talking about). He and I talked a lot in private messages on Twitter, and our bond really got stronger. We were planning to meet for another date, but then things took a turn for the worst in our family. As open as I was about it on Twitter, just as open I was towards him. I told him sex was the last thing we thought about here, and that eventually everything will get better, but it’s going to take time.

I felt him slipping away, losing interest, and where he once told me we will always be friends, no matter what, to me it was clear that no sex meant no friendship either. He knew my mom was ill, and one day, about two weeks before mom passed away, he really hurt my feelings asking: “What’s happening exactly?” I had been keeping him up to date in several chats before that and this question was as if he knew nothing. That hurt me. This is not how friends should react.

Our chats were sporadic after that, and every time it left me with the feeling that I am not interesting anymore, because any dates are out of the question at this stage. He’s a nice, kind man, but I think we will not see him again. It’s been months since he and I had last talked, and frankly, the connection I once felt isn’t there anymore. Like I said, he left me with a feeling that I am boring since there’s currently no possibilities for sexy dates, and that doesn’t sit well with me.

The Traveler

The Traveler has moved. He no longer resides in the Netherlands, which means meeting him for any kind of fun is a lot more difficult than it was. He has moved to the UK and when we were at Eroticon in March 2018, the thought crossed our minds to have a date with him, but we decided against it, as the two of us weren’t having sex, and then I don’t feel comfortable having sex with others.

This man, The Traveler, hails from the same country as I do, and has been in my life from before I met Master T. We met here, in the Netherlands, and while we sometimes go months without talking, it’s always nice to hook up with him again. I believe we will have more dates with him, maybe when we are on London for Eroticon. But if it will happen in 2019? Time will tell.

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  1. I find this all so fascinating and interesting because JB and I want our own version of it, but I can never imagine how it would actually work. (I think we have to be willing to leave the house first, lol)

    1. Meet online, then make an appointment for coffee. That will pull you out of the house ??

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