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Last week I shared the first part of my musings about other people we have allowed into our lives, whom we had sexy fun with and where we stand with each one of them at this moment. Major Eric, The Talker and The Traveler featured in that post, and now it’s time to look at more people we had met for sexy dates.

Master B

Remember the first ever erotic massage I had, all with happy end and an arse fuck… the works? That was done by Master B, who is so good with massaging and knows how to build things up to a… crescendo. Our last date with him was back in 2014 and I believe the last time we saw him was in 2016. That was during an appointment where we agreed that he would not try to dominate me anymore. He did that before, with the approval of Master T, but something in the chemistry between us just didn’t work, having me in tears every time I received a message from him. But, that’s in the past and in the meantime we have kept on talking to him, because we really value his company.

Back when I turned 50 in 2017 he promised me another erotic massage, but because of our personal circumstances, that hasn’t happened… yet. Recently we talked about it, and we are now looking at January to set a date for another erotic massage, for me to let go of everything and just… BE. Oh damn, to experience that all over again sounds like bliss…!

Mister Silent

Mister Silent has been a constant factor in our lives since somewhere in 2015. He and I talked on Twitter, but he tended to go into silent periods and then pooped up again. In January 2016 we finally met each other face to face, but it took about a year before we saw each other again.

There definitely was and still is the intention to have a date with Mister Silent, but first things should be at such a point where Master T and I frequently have sex again. Like I said earlier, I can’t enjoy sex with someone else if things between Master T and me are not like it should be. However, even though the intention is there and even if things are right, it might still prove difficult to make a date with Mister Silent. He’s a free bird, and pops up when he feels like it, but then again, we did make an appointment with him to be at my 50th birthday, and he was.

Mister Silent has been a huge support for me during the illness and passing of my mom, and in the months after that. During her illness, never more than a day passed with him asking how she was and how I was. He came to her funeral, and after that he kept on checking in on me. It was only when he took some interest in a lady friend, that our contact got more infrequent again, but he’s always only a tweet away, and sometimes he just pops into our hangout to surprise us.

Yes, one day a date will follow and I have the feeling that it will be a harsh one. He’s a sadist, just like Master T and he has much strength in his hands, which can squeeze my breast and bruise it, just the way I like it. We will see how things work out in 2019, and whether the stars align for a session with him. I believe Mister Silent will be part of our lives for many years to come, and the thought of that makes me smile!

Our Northern Friends

I think it was halfway through 2016 that we first had a lunch date with two very special people, both living in the north of our country. They are a couple, but live in two different towns. A couple of times a year (every two months, more or less) we meet them for lunch, and it’s always nice to see them, nice to talk to them, nice to share experiences with them.

These two people are genuine friends, interested in everything that’s going on, as much as we are interested in them. Although I have to admit that with all the things that keep my mind busy and my energy levels frequently being low, I am the slower one to keep contact. I sometimes feel quite guilty because of this.

No sexy fun has been had yet and there was a time where I thought that it would never happen, but that has changed. Time will have to show out whether we will ever get to it. The intention and desire are there (and some words have also been spoke about this) but I don’t know if we will ever get to it. This entirely depends on the health issues going on here, as well as on time and opportunity. We will just have to wait for the stars to line up, and sometimes the stars need a little bit of help, right?

Whatever happens or doesn’t happen, we love spending time with this couple, and love having them in our lives.

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  1. It’s nice to have people in our lives with whom we can share our true selves. I also like to see how you manage to hold space for people who you might not see for long periods of time but you still have special closeness and feeling for them. That is nice and hopeful too@

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