Clothes Mean Nothing

Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them.
~ Marc Jacobs

One morning, as I sat on the side of my bed, getting dressed, I thought of the way I always dress, and wondered why I do it and what it means to me. At that very moment I thought: this might be a good question for Food for Thought Friday, and this is why I suggested it to them.

Over the years the way I dress has changed, depending on what I feel comfortable in. During my youth, I wore anything – dresses, short pants, trousers, denims, skirts, blouses… you name it and it was part of the clothes in my closet. I do remember though that dresses and skirts were less worn than shorts and denims as I was quite the tomboy. Dresses were for church on Sunday or for birthday parties. I think this was not only because I was a bit of tomboy, but because I grew up in a country where school uniform was the rule and those, for girls, were always dresses.

The trend to almost always wear pants continued until about seven years ago, and with exception of the five years I was in the army, where for office dress I had to wear the uniform – a skirt and a blouse. But outside of work I wore denims, or shorts.

Now, I have quite a round bottom, as you can see from images or those who have met me for real, have seen. And, with even only a bit of overweight (back quit some years ago, as I have more now) denims just weren’t comfortable anymore. So I started wearing pants that were more comfortable. As I put on weight, I changed to pants that looked like leggings and I wore longer tops to hide my body.

Then came the moment when one day — it was a beautiful but cold winter’s day — that I was so in the mood to wear something different. I had skirts in my closet and pulled one out, found a nice top to go with it and put it on with tights, and boots and a cardigan. I looked in the mirror and loved it. We were outside, on our way back from the shopping center, when I said to Master T: “I feel damn good in these clothes, but I always thought I would look silly when wearing it this way.” He told me it was a ridiculous thought as I looked lovely. Sexy.

That was the moment my dressing habits changed. I started wearing more skirts and tops, but eventually switched over to dresses, as they are much more comfortable than skirts that tend to ride up in my waist, or tops that bundle around my waist making me look larger than I really am, and making me look like I want to hide my curves. Because you see, I started loving showing off what I have. My dresses are always body hugging, and I don’t care whether others like this or not. I feel good in it; Master T likes to see me in it — and that’s all that counts.

One thing I have been doing for about three years no (I think) is to always have an ‘under layer’ and and ‘upper layer’. What you can find under my dress, are my bra, my knickers, a camisole and tights (tight short pants in summer), and over that I wear my dress. If it wasn’t for the hassle to go to the loo, I would have worn a bodystocking under my dress every day! Having this layer under my dressed just makes me feel good, dressed, secure, comfortable.

And, to be really honest, I feel much more dressed in winter than in summer, as I love being clothed from top to bottom.

Nowadays I do own a couple of denims and pants again, and even a pair of denim shorts. I bought those to wear when I go out with my daughter, cameras in hand. The first time I went out with her I wore a dress, and flat-heeled boots. We were in the woods, wanting to photograph mushrooms/fungus in the woods. The first time I had to get down on my knees for a proper shot, I realized I was going to need pants for these outings. Oh and, when I started going to the gym, I bought gym pants too… can’t do that in a dress, right?

Clothes means nothing until someone lives in them - Marc JacobsTo get back to the quote above: clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them.

This is true. I look around me and see the unique style people have. The colleague who always wears denims and T-shirts and make them look good, where I feel for me they are only suitable when I go into the woods. The colleague who always wears flat shoes, and always the same kind of loafers. When I put something similar on my foot, it makes me feel silly. The colleague who always wears the highest heels possible, putting them on as soon as she’s in the office and just before she leaves she takes them off again. I have thought many times about doing this too, and even tried it once, but it’s just not my thing.

I can go on, but bottom line is that even if we all own the same kind of item, the way we wear it gives it meaning. We all have our own style; we give the clothes we wear meaning, because of our bodies and who we are.

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  1. This was good reading and interesting. I also always have on a cami and tights or short pants under dresses in the summer. I traveled around the world for 1.5 years with just a few skirts (with no waist band), tank tops, and dresses. I didn’t own a pair of jeans.
    Now I live in Berlin, where we joke that “fashion come here to die.” The other day I had on short jeans, a long linen skirt, a base layer long sleeve t-shirt under a short sleeve swing style tunic top. I added striped socks and short boots, chunky jewelry and my warm coat… I thought I was cute and I fit right in here in Berlin! LOL

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