Balls of Light

“A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it.”
~ Edward Steichen

Finally! Finally I have managed it.
Damn, it was SO hard to get this photo done, as I am subject and photographer, and I really wanted to have the natural bokeh in my photo, and not to add it afterwards in Lightroom. Yes, I have actually watched an tutorial and the first image I chose, had bokeh added to it. I almost used that photo, which I had ready yesterday, almost.

For about an hour and a half today I was in our bedroom (where I am confined to at this moment for all self photography sessions…) today, struggling to get it right, and several times I sat on the edge of the bed, despairing, thinking I am just going to use the photo I edited yesterday.

And then… I changed the setup. I thought long and hard about what I had read about bokeh, and I changed my setup. And there it was… natural bokeh. Right off the camera. The only editing I did in Lightroom was to cut off a wee bit of the photo at the bottom, to change the temperature (a bit warmer – it’s a gloomy grey day over here) and to adjust the contrast a little. Just look in the background, see the little balls of light?

It’s not easy taking images of yourself. As the quote says: a portrait is made on either side of the camera, but when you are the same person on either side… it really changes into a challenge! I have to say, I am quite content with this image!

Image of my backside, with a bokeh effect in the background
I love how the lines of my body are accentuated by the autumn light pouring in from outside.

Oh and… taking this image along with all the others I did during that hour and a half in the bedroom, I have flashed the neighbours on the other side of the playing ground… I hope they enjoyed!

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21 thoughts on “Balls of Light

  1. Well done Marie. Lovely curves and shadows against a soft bokeh background. I also found it hard being model and photographer and almost gave up a few times. x

  2. That light! Those soft curves! That dimple in your back! Just everything about this makes me say, “Hell, YES.”

  3. This is so stunning. The way the light catches your beautiful form is amazing. The contrast of the vertical lines of the background are a wonderful contrast to your curves. Wow! I’m in awe.

  4. I am sure that the neighbours were thrilled. This is wonderful and I love the natural lightness that you have created here. You look so sexy and shapely as the subject of your photo. Well done for managing both roles so successfully 🙂

  5. Your effort has definitely paid off. The curves, the light on your skin. The window in the background. This is wonderful Marie xx

  6. You have done this beautifully Marie and you look divine. Gorgeous curves and the bit of warmth is perfect!
    Indie xx

  7. What is the rent for an apartment across from your window? I would so love for you to flash me!!!

  8. Nicely done!

    The dip in your back is beautifully highlighted. And I love the tiny bits of gooseflesh we see along your curves.

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