All Wrapped Up

There is a balance between mindful that you don’t upset anyone, yet maintaining an authenticity that is not wrapped up in the minutiae of people’s judgments of you.
~ Robert Rinder

wrapped in red
Wrapped up, but not hiding…

How many of us get lost in trying to do what we think others expect us to do? For the bigger part of my life I have done just that, and many a relationship has stranded because I couldn’t maintain being who I wasn’t. It seems turning 50 really as a turning point for me. I have always said ‘I am who I am’, meaning people should just accept me like I am, but that only started happening once I accepted myself.

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19 thoughts on “All Wrapped Up

  1. A beautiful colour and love we can see the outline of your body underneath. Accepting ourselves as we are definitely gets easier after 50 xx

  2. This is a striking colour on you and I love the glimpse underneath. I wish I was better at not doing what is expected. I am still too approval driven I think although I am trying to get better ?

  3. that is a profound realization, rebel. good for you! also, i thought at first that your shroud had a print on it, but i realized it was a tattoo! you look lovely!

  4. This is why you couldn’t pay me to go back to my twenties… the older I get, the more comfortable I am with who I am, and the happier I am because of it!

  5. I like the way the wrap outlines rather than obscures your shape, while accentuating the glimpses we get of the detailed curvature underneath: Revealing much without baring all.

    Your words make a sensible point; your illustrative photo drives it sensually home.

  6. This is beautiful. Both the image and the sentiment. I am finally trying to get to know myself and who I really want to be as well. It’s a hell of a journey, eh?

    1. It is. I still have my times where I heavily doubt myself, but thankfully much less than I ever did.

  7. Brings back memories on yesterday. I was also wrapped in red. Red foils…
    It suits you!

  8. I love the strong sentiment behind this, echoed in the strong colours and your pose, just giving us a glimpse of you underneath. Beautiful.

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