Tap on the Shoulder

“There, look, there in the corner!”
Jack’s hand rests on his shoulder and Kaleb follows the line of Jack’s finger, pointing to a darker corner in the bar where two women sit at a rounded table. They seem oblivious to their surroundings. Kaleb turns around, shaking Jack’s hand off in the process.
“No, definitely no!”
“What ‘no’?” Jack asks with a frown.
“There is no way I will approach them! I can’t. Just… no way!”

Kaleb hears Jack’s sigh, and from the corner of his eye he sees his friend swigging his beer glass to his mouth, gulping down the cold fluid. Jack has been trying forever to get him, Kaleb, to show his interest in women. Kaleb is interested in women, for sure, but every time he sees a beautiful woman, he freezes. They don’t even have to be beautiful a voice in his head says. He lifts his own beer glass to his mouth, staring at his reflection in the mirror behind the bar. Why does he freeze? Why can’t he just walk over to those two women and talk to them? It’s not like he’s never been with a woman.

His mind drifts off to the night before.

Carmen — or Esmeralda or Phoebe, he never remembers the names — arrived within an hour after he had called the escort services. Immaculately dressed, she stood at his front door, smiling at him and not waiting for Kaleb to invite her in, she took a step forward. Tapping her finger on his chest, she pushed him into his apartment, kicking the door shut with her high-heeled foot.

He gasped when she took her coat off, revealing the length of her black stockinged legs, which ended in the black triangle between her legs. A black corset completed the picture, shaping her body in an hourglass and showing off her nipples like they are presented on a platter. This picture got him every time. His cock hardened, and got even harder when she grabbed his shoulders, turned him around and pushed him forward onto the bed. She yanked his jogging pants down and off, revealing his nakedness beneath.

Kaleb thought it wasn’t possible, but when Carmen (Esmeralda? Phoebe?) poured cold liquid between his buttocks, his penis hardened even more. He moaned, partly because of the cold, a bit for the excitement but also for the ache in his hard member. The woman pushed against his opening. He had no idea when she had put on her fake penis, but he welcomed the intrusion. Opened up for her. Moaned as she slowly pushed inside. Urged her to fuck him hard once she was fully inside her. Below him his cock rubbed against the roughness of the bed covers. The harder she fucked him, the more his arse hurt, the more he craved his release.

It came. The release. HIS release. His come pooled below him; his cock not touched once. Calm descended on him as she pulled out and left quietly, after discreetly collecting the envelop on his bedside table.

“K… hey man, I’m talking to you!”
Kaleb shakes his head to clear the memories of the previous night, Jack looks at him with one eyebrow raised.
“What the fuck were you thinking of, man? For a second there I thought you might blow your load!”
Kaleb feels his cheeks burn, but he ignores Jack’s remark.
“Want another beer?” he asks and takes the last sip from his glass.

Kaleb signals the bar tender to place their order, and Jack excuses himself to go the restrooms. Waiting for their drinks, Kaleb’s thoughts start to drift off again, but a tap on his shoulder demands his attention.
“Jack, no…” he starts, thinking Jack wants to point his attention to some woman again, but his words dry on his lips when he turns around. He looks straight in the eyes of one of the women who has been sitting in the corner earlier.

“Hi there,” she says, “I’m sure you’re going to offer me a drink.”
Something stirs in Kaleb’s loins.
“Chardonnay,” she says, not waiting for his question.
Kaleb turns back to the barman to order her a drink, and as he does he feels her slip onto the bar stool next to him, her knee intentionally brushing the side of his leg. Her next words awaken his cock even more: “I’ve been watching you, waiting for you. But it seems you prefer a lady to take the lead…”

© Rebel’s Notes

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  1. This is fun and sexy. I love how thanks o your writing here I can get into this male subs mind and past my own cisgender to relate to his feelings and sexuality. I can’t quite yet imagine going up to a man and demanding he buy me a drink though..:

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