#Storyin12 (October 2018)

Another month has passed and again I have managed to do all the #Storyin12 challenges. I was quite late with a couple of them, and think only once I did it after my midnight.

Just like the previous month, many of my 12-word ‘stories’ came from personal experiences of my own desires. I have made notes where I felt was necessary.


The stories

1. Student
He’s the teacher; I’m the student. Every day I learn something new.

Note: This reminded me of when we just started our ‘official’ D/s, and Master T taught me so much about how much I can actually take, about being patient, about trying things even when I thought I would never be able to do it. He might have to give me a ‘refresher course’ when we get back to our ‘game’.

2. Tissue
One tissue wasn’t enough to dry her cunt after the squirting climax.

Note: Even when I don’t squirt, a tissue will not be enough. I acutally never use them, not after an orgasm anyway!

3. Glass
She raised her glass with the toast; cursing him for leaving her.

Note: No, I have never cursed anyone when I raised a glass for a toast, but then again, I never attended an engagement party or wedding of an ex.

4. Square
Repeatedly counting black and white squares, he finally reached his goal: checkmate!

Note: It’s a long time ago that I have last played chess, and, I have never been able to plan my game a couple of steps ahead! I never was that good at it.

5. Direct
His direct words lashed over her skin; forced her down: “I’m leaving.”

6. Owe
She owed him nothing after what he’d done; still she felt guilty.

Note: I am this person, and with me probably many others with me, where someone has done you wrong, and still you feel guilty, towards that person, towards yourself, towards the world.

7. Dash
I have to dash. It’s late and there’s a busy week ahead.

Note: This was written just before I logged off for the evening and was actually what was happening at that very moment. I prefer to have some downtime before I go to bed, as otherwise my head is buzzing with things I have done all evening and I cannot sleep. I realized I still had to do my #Storyin12 for the day, so this is what came out – twelve words in one go, no editing!

8. Attic
The dungeon was their dream; now everything gathered dust in the attic.

Note: There once was a time we dreamed of our own dungeon in the attic, once the kids have left the house. Between now and five years the kids will have moved out, and sometimes I wonder if the dungeon will not always be only a dream…

9. Prisoner
Chained, but not a prisoner; caged, and as free as a bird.

Note: This is how I feel about my submission; about our relationship where I am confined within the rules he has for me. I am not a prisoner. His rules make me as free as a bird.

10. Tooth
His charming, friendly nature overshadowed the crooked tooth midst his imperfect smile.

Note: To me it has always been the nature of people that pulled me in, their manners, their charm, not their looks.

11. Compartment
Under a blanket in the compartment; her legs spread; her cunt touched.

12. Socks
He left his socks on for sex; it’s clear we’re a mismatch.

Note: If there is one thing I definitely don’t like, it’s when a man leaves his socks on for sex. I love socks, but for sex, I prefer them (his and mine) off!

13. Expoit
People thought she was exploited as a prostitute; she chose her profession.

Note: Where I know that there are still too many women on this world who are exploited, and forced into prostitution, I do believe that there is a fair number of women who has chosen this as their profession, and I respect their choice.

14. Ten
Only ten seconds and her bottom showed three angry, parallel red lines.

Note: One day I will be brave enough to really be marked by a cane. Maybe if it takes only ten seconds it will be over before I feel the pain. Yeah right…!

15. Concrete
Following their set of concrete rules kept their relationship happy and healthy.

Note: Even through all our difficult times, and still, we have one ground rule and that is that we are always together when sexy fun is involved. Neither of us will ever have a date with someone without the other being there.

16. Clean
The clean slate was too soiled for them to start over again.

Note: Many times when something has gone wrong in a relationship, deciding to start with a clean slate is not good enough. Issues from the past cloud the ‘new’ relationship, and eventually becomes a cancer that has to be removed. This is my experience with damaged relationships.

17. Turn
I turn in circles, the short skirt flaring up, exposing my nakedness.

The increase in salary was not because she sucked his dick. Right?

Note: I have never had a boss where I thought I might want to suck his dick. No wait… I did. He was not really my boss, but one of the bosses – The Major!

19. Funny
Funny thing is, I have no idea how to write 12-word stories!

Note: Ha! I just thought it would be funny to use this as my entry today!

20. Envelope
The black border on the envelope confirmed the bad news she expected.

I hate receiving envelopes with black or silver borders on the front, simply because it means someone beautiful has been taken away from us.

21. Frame
Despite his sturdy frame and attractive face, he was insecure and lonely.

Note: This more or less came from a story I wrote today (). People are not what we see on the outside. Sometimes we look at someone and think they are full of confidence and guts, but it turns out they are not. Even if someone seems to have everything going for them, it doesn’t mean they do.

22. Autumn
In life’s autumn, they still walk hand in hand in the woods.

Note: I love when I see older people still walking hand in hand like young lovers.

23. Hated
She hated that her face betrayed her true emotions. No poker face.

Note: This is me. I can never hide my emotions. My face always betrays me, and sometimes I really hate it.

24. Birth
Could she do it? Give birth while frigging her clitoris? She did.

Note: From the first time I heard it (I think when Livvy mentioned it) I have been intrigued. It made me think of the two labors I went through and I cannot imagine myself having done this, but somehow I think I would have loved it!

25. Responsible
Feeling bratty, she chose to be responsible instead. She kneeled and waited.

Note: This is me, always thinking about something bratty to do, but never really have the guts to do it, so I always do the responsible thing!

26. Gathering
Gathering her thoughts, finding the guts, she finally asked him: “Kiss me?”

27. Window
The window framed her dark curved silhouette, making passersby stop and stare.

28. Meal
Cameras snapped her image as the meal clouded around her naked body.

Note: I want to make images like these, somewhere outside, where I throw flour up in the air, but I am going to need a partner in crime to do this.

29. Pink
Pink folds opened and oozed nectar under the ministrations of his tongue.

Note: Writing this I imagined a tongue – his tongue between my labia, him licking me until I cannot hold back anymore and just have to have an orgasm.

30. Money
Money never could buy her love; her body though, was another story.

31. Blood
Her blood was the paint; the spikes the brush coloring her bottom.

Note: Somehow, when I see the word blood, there’s always a thought somewhere in my head about the vampire glove. That’s exactly what I thought about, how I love to be spanked with a vampire glove and hear the blood making my behind wetter and wetter, and leaving a dramatic effect.

© Rebel’s Notes

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