Sauna & Tits #SoSS #53

Yesterday I had a spa day, and where we always say we are ‘going to the sauna’, we only ever sit in the infra-red sauna and never for more than 10 minutes. Other than that we swim, we sit in herbal baths, bubble baths and we have coffee and cake and lunch and dinner. That’s our kind of relaxing day. Normally I go with my best friend, but yesterday an ex-colleague-who-became-friend of hers joined us. This lady loves joining in with the different pouring rituals and we decided to join her for at least one of those. And? It was wonderful! We were going for a second one too, but I stayed in the rest room and even napped some, while they went to the second pouring sessions. It was a wonderful day, and I came back home feeling tired and content.

One awkward moment (not for me, but for him) was when I noticed the husband of a colleague. I saw him a couple of times and where I was prepared to greet him, he just constantly turned his head away, even when I almost literally bumped into him rounding a corner. Ha! Maybe it’s because I was naked almost every time I saw him. I tend to hang my towel away and walk from one bath to the other, or to a shower or sauna or whatever, and retrieve my towel later, as I have no problem with nakedness, and I wouldn’t have looked at him in any other way, had I seen him fully naked, which I haven’t as he constantly held his towel in front of his crotch. It’s always interesting to see what happens when you bump into someone familiar, especially in places where you don’t expect them to be.

As always there are some posts from the past week I want to highlight here…

Sexy writing

To me BDSM sessions are about control and pain and tears and subspace, and aftercare. In his post, Tender, Jaime Mortimer has shared just how important aftercare is.

I had tears in my eyes after I read Two Michaels, One Known As Mick by Bibulous One. “Lest we forget” gets a totally different meaning when we read personal stories by people we know.

One of the striking posts I have read for Wicked Wednesday this week, is the one by Melody called Control – The Jedi Mind Trick. If you are in the BDSM lifestyle, whether you are dominant or submissive, you should read this.

Last week I was totally into Cara Thereon’s NaNoWriMo2018 story and I pointed you to it, not knowing that for the second week, Cara would start a new story. If you have read and enjoyed her story for week 1, you might want to read the story for week 2 too. And, I have a feeling we are going to get a totally new story for week 3, so keep an eye on her site!

Hot images

If you want to see a gorgeous cock shot, then Snow White by Violet Fawkes is where you have to be! The edit has a dreamlike feel and the focus in this image is brilliant!

Looking at thebarefootsub’s Sinful Sunday image, Basking… Sinfully, I felt this incredible pull to be naked outdoors for one, but mostly to be tightly tied in rope again. Combining the two is just… bliss.

If you want to see an image that will make you wonder just how it has been done, look at Blue Tit by Exposing40. This is a brilliant edit, and this is how she did it: the photo was taken with an app called PhotoBox which I have on my iPad on the light tunnel setting and then I applied a blueish filter using the vintage setting of Snapseed.

I am a sucker for images with beautiful rope work in it, and where Yellow, in Black & White is not about artistic rope, it’s a stunning image posted by Jade.


Prompts are a great way to inspire you to write a new post. These are the ones currently running:

Meme Prompt Date(s) to link
Masturbation Monday Week 220 (Lascivious Lucy) 16 to 20 November 2018
Wicked Wednesday Prompt #338: Writing 17 to 22 November 2018
Food for Thought Friday #74 – Spicing It Up 16 to 22 November 2018
Friday Flash No. 31 — Boudoir
No. 32 — Listen
11 to 18 November 2018
18 to 25 November 2018
#FantasySmutFriday Week 5 — “Make me. I dare you.” 9 to 23 November 2018
Sinful Sunday Bokeh 2 December 2018
Kink of the week Men in Panties 16 to 30 November 2018
Elust #113 Elust submissions September 1 to 8 December 2018

Prompt 337 for Wicked Wednesday was ‘Control’ for which 34 posts were linked. The top 3 was done by Exposing40 and she chose:


Only one more week remains for the finalists to send in their stories for the last round of the Smut Marathon 2018. The final voting round opens on Sunday 25 November and the winner will be announced a week later!

Tips & tricks

What are the rules? How Often Should You Publish Content On Your Sex Blog? Are you doing it right? Is there a ‘right way’ to do it? How do others do it? Is what others do right for you too? If you want answers to these questions, read the post on The Smutlancer website.

Last but not least

A week ago I had my first-ever yoga lessons. Some years ago I did a challenge — 101 things in 1001 days — and one of the things on there was that I wanted to do at least one yoga lesson. Now, years later, I have finally done it, and where I hate that my body is so totally inflexible, I am going to continue with it and see if I can get some suppleness back in my muscles. Last week was power yoga and this week was slow yoga, and after these two lessons, I am sure my Saturdays for many weeks to come will start with yoga.

And, this coming week I will have my first ever Zumba lesson…

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