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I have really struggled with the prompt for this week. All I know about editing photos or making them look different is what I have taught myself. I tend to decide what I want to do with an image, and then I look for tutorials online and try my hand at it. Mostly, I succeed, but this time I didn’t. Yes, I had a photo that I wanted to use as inspiration, which I find when I searched for ‘transmogrification’, but I couldn’t find a tutorial telling me how to do this.


I think to accomplish this with an image, I will have to work with layers in Photoshop, but this is too far above my ability at this moment. Maybe one day… who knows.

The lovely Molly offered for me to send her an image (you can always ask her if you are struggling and she will show you how to do it) and she would make something weird and wacky of it. But, by the time I saw her mention, I had totally lost myself in several tries in Lightroom, and even though the image doesn’t actually fit the prompt, I like it!

This made me think of multi-layered me… there definitely is more of me than can be seen on the surface.

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15 thoughts on “More of Me

  1. Your bum looks delicious in the photo.

    I’m super thankful for Molly’s help or I would’ve been lost. Good on you for trying because I don’t know if I would’ve done it on my own

  2. This prompt was hard, luckily I live with a photoshop expert which makes life far easier!

    What you’ve done here is stunning though!

  3. I like this too, it reminds me of having multiple parts to ourselves at the sides of our ‘main’ self, so it’s very thought provoking as well as visually stunning. You look wonderful!

  4. I found it hard to think of something this week too but I love the image you have come up with in the end. I like the use of colour suggesting the different parts of you and the fact that some are more fully seen than others. ?

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