Sexy Interlude

They have been moving in kinky circles for quite some time, Fred and his wife Kitty. He is the dominant, she the submissive. Tonight Fred received a message from a befriended dominant that he will be branding his submissive in the near future. The description of the branding leaves Fred excited, a feeling he wants to share with Kitty.

“Go up to the room and get ready,” he orders.
His voice is enough for Kitty to immediately obey: “Yes, Master.”
Fred follows her up the stairs, and finds her naked in the middle of the room, her feet spread and her hands at the back of her neck. Her nipples are hard; her excitement obvious.

He puts wrist and ankle cuffs on her, pushes her towards the spanking bench and let her bent over it. Fred ties her hands to the bench but leaves some freedom of movement. He does the same with her feet, but ties them well enough to open her up for him. He takes a soft cane – for as far as they can be called soft – because he wants to hit her hard, but he doesn’t want the marks to be there for days.

Kitty has no idea what he is going to use. Fred stands behind her and looks at her beautiful wet folds, with her sensual arsehole right above it. He sighs at the lovely sight.

The first blow of the cane comes down hard on her bottom./ a hellish cry of pain reverberates and Kitty jumps up and jerks on the cuffs. Fred allows the pain to work through before he strikes her again. The scenario repeats itself: Kitty screams out in pain and jerks on the cuffs. From the sixth stroke she cannot hold it anymore as the pain has now taken complete possession of her body. She moans continuously and her body twists and turns in different directions to endure the pain.

Ten strokes have been given. The view on her cunt has made Fred rock hard. He enters her from behind while Kitty is still tied down. The pain prevents her from climaxing. Fred picks up the cane again and when the first blow falls, Kitty unwittingly pushes the sperm from her body. Fred smiles at the sexy site of his come dripping down her legs. He continues with the caning.

The twentieth strike comes down hard and Kitty’s reaction is expected. She wails and screams. Her voice is hoarse from the screaming she has done. She keeps on calling out and jumping around as much as her ties allow her. Every now and then she stops because she has to get her breathing under control. Fred enters her again and fucks her hard. He is fortunate to have another orgasm, but Kitty once again doesn’t climax.

When he pulls out and stands behind Kitty, her arms and legs tense as her body waits for a third series of strikes. Fred leaves her in the dark for a bit. His wife was crying, and some tears have fallen to the floor. He moves in behind her, and lets his hand softly run over the welts on her bottom. When he unties her she starts crying uncontrollably, relieved that it’s done and with nerves raging through her body. Fred holds her tightly until her sobbing settles.

“I am proud of you, Kitty!”
She starts sobbing again.
Fred caresses her hair and gently pulls her with him to the living room. She staggers and he has to support her. In the living room she sinks to the floor.

“You can touch yourself if you want to.”
“Thank you, Master.”
Kitty stays in a fetal position for almost fifteen minutes, before Fred sees her hand carefully moving between her kegs. Slowly she masturbates and after quite some time, she has a strong orgasm. Her breathing is hard and labored; then she looks at Fred with a smile and mischief in her eyes. He smiles at her and watches as she starts masturbating again…

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